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Do the Maths

Cleverly combining certain foods can reap super-nutritious rewards for your health. Sounds like science fiction?

Broccoli + Tomato = Cancer Fighting
A study published in Cancer Research found that a combination of these two superfoods caused tumour growths in rats to shrink by 52 per cent – significantly more than they were able to alone – making the duo more powerful than a medication frequently used to treat prostate cancer. Pop into a sauce to eat with pasta.

Spinach + Avacado = Immunity Strengthening
The good fats in an avocado unlock the nutrients found in spinach so, by munching on these two at the same time, you’ll absorb up to 15 times more beta-carotene, which boosts your immune system, helping you fight off all sorts of diseases. Eat your greens by tossing these together in a salad with a drizzle of olive oil.

Soy = Milk = Bone Boosting
When consumed together, soy milk and milk preserved bone density better than either did alone, in a study by the University of Toronto. The isoflavones found in soy increase bone protein production that, when combined with minerals found in milk, helps keep your skeleton in fighting form. Mix together and pour over cereal.

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