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Doctors have learned to do cesarean, leaving no scars

With a conventional caesarean technique, the doctor cuts through the skin, pushes the abdominal muscles apart, and then makes an incision in the uterus. Dr. Israel Hendler suggested making a longitudinal incision of the skin and muscles along the muscle fibers. Muscles at the same time shift to the center of the abdomen, where there is no connective tissue. And then the muscles and skin are not sewn, but glued with a special bio-adhesive. This method does not require stitches or bandages. And even the catheter at the time of the operation is not necessary.

According to the author of the method, recovery after such an operation is much faster and easier than after the usual one.

“A woman can get up within three to four hours after surgery,” says Dr. Hendler. - The incision is smaller than with a normal caesarean. This complicates the operation, but not by much. And there are no complications like embolism or intestinal damage after a seamless caesarean. ”

The doctor has already tested the new operation technique in practice. And one of his patients was a woman who gave birth a second time.In the first, she also had to do a cesarean. And then she departed from the operation for 40 days - all this time she could not get up, let alone walk. This time it took her only four hours to get out of bed.


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