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Does he love me?

At all times, the question of whether the feeling is mutual is in love with lovers. Every girl at least once in her life tried to find an answer to the question: �Does he love me?� Various types of divination help lift the mysterious veil and learn about the true feelings of a loved one.

Traditional fortune telling

Many girls resort to the help of fortune telling. "Does he love me?" - that's what worries them the most. There are many ways of divination, allowing you to find the answer to this question. In addition to everything else, it is very important to choose the right time for divination. You will receive the most truthful answers in the winter, on Yuletide evenings, or, in the summer, on Ivana Kupala.

You can guess on the cards, on wax, on the runes, on the coffee grounds, on the arm. Choosing a method of divination, you need to know the basic rules that must be followed during it, otherwise you will not be able to get a truthful result.

Deciding to tell fortunes on the cards, you need to remember that the deck must be new. If you have already played it, the result may be wrong. In this case, on the cards before the beginning of fortune-telling, the un-kissing girl should sit.Then you need to shuffle the deck, and remove a few cards with your left little finger towards you. After that, you should guess the name of your loved one and put the removed cards under the bottom of the deck. After that, you can guess in any way that you like.

If you want to tell fortunes on wax, you will need a candle. It must be wax, paraffin for this purpose will not work. In addition, you need a bowl of water in which you will pour the wax. Before you light a candle, make a wish or ask a question. When the candle begins to melt, tilt it over the bowl so that the wax pours into the water. When it freezes, take it out of the water. Carefully consider the resulting image - this will be the answer to your question.

To find out whether a guy really loves you, you can also use coffee grounds. To do this, you need to brew strong coffee, pour it into a small cup, let stand a little, and drink, leaving the thick at the bottom. Then take the cup in your left hand, ask your question and turn it clockwise three times. Having done this, turn the cup on a saucer and count to seven. Now you can raise the cup and look for a question to your answer in the stains of coffee grounds.

Divination online

�If you are not sure that you can look into the future on your own, divination online will help you. To do this, you just need to go to the desired site and choose the method of divination. Most importantly, it's completely free! And to the question: "Does he love me?" fortune telling online will respond promptly.

Looking at the site, you will find fortune telling on playing cards, love horoscopes and many more interesting things.

On the page, you will find not only fortune telling, but also solitaire, with the help of which you will surely find the answer to your question: �Does the guy love me?�

And on the site you expect so much that at the time to get confused! Here you will find many different divinations, predictions, tests. You can also find out your horoscope, and with the help of the dream book reveal the meaning of the most mysterious and mysterious dreams.

As you can see, find the answer to the question: "Does he love me?" It is not difficult at all, it is enough to turn to fortune telling and all doubts will be dispelled.


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