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Is there magic?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 8, 2012
Is there magic?

For centuries, people have tried to figure out whether magic exists, and they are still trying to figure it out. However, most often they are extremely biased towards this issue, therefore we find, in the main, either the opinions of ardent followers, “adherents” of magic, or equally ardent enemies of this, probably, as ancient as humanity itself, occupation. Let's try to answer this question impartially.

What is meant by magic

Science denies not only efficiency, but the very presence of magic. However, the question of the existence of magic can be answered depending on what exactly is meant by this word. If magic refers to actions aimed at creating a positive or negative (in the case of so-called "black" magic) programs for humans, then it exists. Of course, here we must take into account the degree of suggestibility of a person. The question of interest to many is whether black magic exists. And here, too, it all depends on how you look at it.What cannot be denied is the launch of certain programs into the consciousness (and subconsciousness) of a person, and how to call it is another question.

The principle of magic

What is most often understood as magic? Under the magic refers to certain actions that lead to the achievement of the desired result. Since ancient times, people believe that if, for example, you write your wishes on paper (say, the amount of money you want to receive) and burn it, then the desire will surely come true (the amount will appear anyway). We can laugh at this, but let's try to understand the principle by which people are guided. The fact is that by doing this or that magical action, a person thus sets himself up in a positive way, and the well-known science of psychology says that a positive attitude is often the key to success. Isn't this the reason for many seemingly purely magical acts?

So, the connection is NOT between the action (reading a spell or performing a ritual) and the result that a person wants to achieve, BUT between the action and the state that he achieves as a result of the action performed. Well, in fact - draw in the magic square of the word, and what? Will you become the owner of untold wealth? If so, everyone would have been millionaires long ago.But such an action will set a person in a positive way, and he will be able to achieve more than without such stimulation. That is the principle of magic. Therefore, by magic we mean any action that stimulates a person to achieve something.


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