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Doutzen Croes called modern fashion industry very calculating.

For decades, the Dutch model Doutzen Creuse has been one of the most popular "angels" of the Victoria's Secret brand. But a few years ago, and she realized that it was time to move on: first, after the birth of her daughter Millene Dautzen, there were several more lucrative and interesting offers from underwear brands. And secondly, Croesus decided to devote more time to her family - after all, besides Millena, along with her husband Sannery, the model also brings up her seven-year-old son Phillen. The model is also actively involved in charity work: it has become the face of the Elephant Crisis foundation, which is fighting to maintain the elephant population in Africa.

“I really love animals, and the Samburu National Reserve (Africa) immediately received my consent to participate in the Elephant Crisis foundation project. Before that, I didn’t even know about the threat to African elephants, ”Creuse said in a recent interview.Answering the question about what she thinks about the current fashion industry, Dautzen replied: “The fashion world has become very calculating. There is no playfulness in it, which was before the advent of social networks. Now 15-year-old girls know all designers and fashion photographers. And in my youthful years I was naive and shy, I didn’t even speak English. ”


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