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Dresses for fourth grade graduates

Graduation in 4th grade is a very important event in the life of a schoolgirl, because this is her first ball and farewell to an elementary school. It is worth taking the choice of dress seriously, so that her daughter was comfortable in it, and at the same time it looked elegant and stylish on it. And so, how to choose an outfit for a fourth grader? You will learn about this in our article.

Tips for choosing attire

Many mothers think that it is best to dress up a little fashionista in a fairy dress or a fairy-tale princess. We assure that such outfits are appropriate in kindergarten. At the age of 10, the daughter already has her own ideas about beauty and style, so talk to the girl and find out exactly what she wants to go on a holiday. Go shopping, let her make her own choice. The dress should not be too long. Choose a model to the knee or slightly below. As a rule, in elementary school they arrange various games, contests and dances, and a long skirt will only get lost in the legs and interfere with movement. The style should be simple.Avoid neckline, open shoulders, tightly fitting dresses, no matter how young fashionista would like to dress in them. Allow my daughter to make up and put on shoes with heels, so you will find a compromise. Shoes are best picked at a steady small heels. Choose only children's decorations. Agree, gold rings and bracelets will look inappropriate. And, of course, do not forget about practicality. A snow-white dress with a train a child can stain and tear in the blink of an eye.

Fashion dresses 2015

In 2015, the style “Fish” was at the peak of popularity. This outfit is more suitable for slender schoolgirls, perfectly emphasizing the figure and allowing you to easily move through a lush skirt.

In general, lush dress with open knees is in fashion. Does your daughter like the image of a fairytale princess? Then boldly buy gold shoes and a pink fluffy dress from velvet, chiffon or satin.

Many designers suggest to pick up a dress for the ten-year-old beauty in the Greek style. Such a light outfit will suit absolutely all girls. Look, the beauty in the photo is really charming.

Also popular are the cocktail dress.You can decorate it with ornaments, a small handbag, a belt and a cape. An example can be seen in the photo below.

As for the color range, the designers in their collections focus on warm colors. Of course, it is important to take into account the wishes of her daughter, perhaps she has a favorite color in clothes. But do not buy black, blue and brown dresses. Blondes are better to choose blue, pink and snow-white outfits, and dark-haired beauties prefer emerald, olive and purple shades. Also, do not dress your daughter in too bright, gold and multi-colored dresses, avoid dresses with sparkles. Otherwise, the schoolgirl will look like a Christmas tree. Turquoise and red are also at the peak of popularity.


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