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Drinking wine every day is good for you?

Not a few copies broken on the topic of whether it is good to drink wine. Is there really a notion of “moderate consumption” or is it just an invention of people who want to justify their weaknesses? Or maybe it's bait, thrown by the marketing services of alcohol kings? How to be? Let's consider the question whether it is harmful to drink wine in more detail.

Why not drink wine

Harm of wine, obviously, is connected with its alcoholic essence. Here everything is clear and a long list of well-known costs of using alcohol-containing products comes to mind, such as: slowing down the reaction, reducing the level of attention, as well as direct harm to the internal structure of the body. With certain predispositions, even moderate doses of alcohol can cause liver problems, hypertension, and even stomach cancer. In addition, alcohol affects (often in a negative direction) the body's ability to absorb medication. Despite all this ...

Wine is good to drink

Many scientific studies inexorably indicate that periodic or even daily drinking of wine is beneficial to human health. The degree of drink at the same time should vary between 10-16 points, and the dose is calculated individually and is approximately 1 gram of drink per kilogram of body weight.

It is proved that wine in therapeutic doses reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, incl. heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Wine is a rich source of antioxidants that prevent the harmful effects of free radicals on human cells. They interfere with the process of cholesterol deposition on the walls of blood vessels, reduce the likelihood of cancer (and even improve the course of treatment of existing ones). Also, wine thins blood, reducing the risk of strokes. Finally, in small doses, wine is a catalyst for social activity and a good antidepressant.

What wine is best to drink

In everyday life, the stereotype that only red wine is really useful is common. However, a recent study by German scientists showed that white wine is not so much inferior in terms of user benefits to red,so if you like white varieties, you should not force yourself - the benefit will be no less.

A couple of words about drinking culture

Since ancient times, when they drank food with wine, time-tested rules that formed the culture of consumption of wine-making products have come down to us. Do you know, for example, what wine they drink with fish? White Because its sour taste goes well with a fishy taste and refreshes the mouth well. And also, in ancient times, it was considered proper to dilute wine with water. There were a lot of reasons to drink wine with water then, but many simply thought it tasted better. Some people share this opinion today. Try it yourself, but be aware that you can only dilute dry, semi-dry and dessert sweet wines and only clear water (you can with ice).

What glasses do they drink wine from? Surprisingly, even the shape of the glass from which you drink wine affects its taste. Ask why? The fact is that the receptors responsible for the perception of taste, are located in different parts of the mouth. And that is why, the place where the wine goes in the first place depends on the shape of the glass. However, do not flatter yourself - changing the shape of the glass, you will not be able to drastically change the taste of the wine and make the bitter sweet. But to emphasize the accents, allowing you to taste different notes, it is quite possible.


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