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Effective freckle disposal methods

There are folk remedies for getting rid of freckles. Use berry juice to get rid of freckles, such as berries such as black currants, strawberries and strawberries. At bedtime, grease freckles with the juice of these berries, then rinse with warm water. You can apply on the skin of the skin of the melon and the remaining flesh. It is better to leave such a mask for the night. Mask of sweet pepper will also help to cope with freckles. But all these procedures will be effective with regular use.

You can mix finely shabby cucumber with a tablespoon of face cream. 20 minutes to keep this mask. Another remedy is dandelion roots, two tablespoons mixed with a glass of water. Boil this mixture for 15 minutes and then wash the resulting broth.

You can grate unpeeled raw potatoes on a grater, add sunflower oil, almond bran, a spoonful of milk. For 20 minutes, apply the resulting gruel, and then wash off and apply a nourishing cream.

A spoonful of lemon juice and two spoons of cucumber juice will help get rid of freckles, if you wipe the face with this mixture every day. You can get rid of freckles with lemon. To do this, apply thin rings on the skin for 10 minutes and hold.

50 grams of chopped parsley pour 50 milligrams of vodka and insist for two weeks in a warm place, resulting in tincture wipe the skin. These funds will help to quickly and permanently get rid of such a cosmetic effect as freckles.


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