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Effective ways to remove green spots

A bottle of little green is a rather unpredictable thing. Once you make one awkward movement, everything will be in this fluid. Avoid the use of greenery will not work, because a new abrasion or broken knee of your child, in any case, will force you to get this bottle.

If you get dirty, it is better to remove the spots immediately, because they are quite resistant. Based on this, many are interested in the question of how and how to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

20 simplest ways to wash little green

  1. For most items of clothing suitable laundry soap. It is recommended to wash the little green immediately, until it is dry.
  2. For furniture, parquet and linoleum, you can use medical alcohol. Apply alcohol to the surface and wipe it several times.
  3. Pure peroxide is recommended for white things. It helps to remove greens from clothes in just 10 minutes. For colored things, you need to take a weak solution, put it on a cotton wool and wipe the contaminated area with it several times.
  4. For coarse cloth, acetone is often used.It is necessary to wet them with a cotton wool, wipe the damaged area, then wash the thing.
  5. The old stain will help to wash out sunflower oil. But this method is not very successful, because after removing the green, then you will have to get rid of more fat stains. You can remove the stain as follows: apply sunflower oil to the damaged area of ​​the fabric, after a few hours rinse this area with water, and treat the greasy residue with dish detergent. After 10 hours, wash the item completely.
  6. For colored things, you can use the "Domestos". Many housewives claim that this tool is also able to save the soiled area. In order to avoid risk, try it first on the inconspicuous area of ​​clothing. Apply "Domestos" on the damaged area, foam it well and rinse with water. Zelenka will disappear before our eyes.
  7. Table vinegar is also an excellent tool. Apply it on the stained area, and after a couple of minutes it will disappear. Then rinse the item with warm water.
  8. Bleach can be used only for snow-white things. However, he can instantly remove traces of green.
  9. 10% ammonia solution.Try to wash the little green by treating the stained area with this tool, then wait about 8 minutes and wash the item in the washing machine. Ammonia can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  10. The next option is a stain remover based on hydrogen peroxide. He can also quickly and easily overpower the hated spots of green on things. The main task is to choose the appropriate type of fabric. Most of the housewives helps to wash the little green with the famous “Vanish”. It just needs to be applied to the contaminated area for a while, then rinsed with water.
  11. With the help of nail polish remover, you can remove green spots from carpet or fabrics. It is not suitable for lacquered surfaces. Apply it on a fleece and carefully wipe the area of ​​contamination.
  12. Remove stains from cotton fabric will help a weak solution of potassium permanganate. For a couple of hours, soak clothes in a solution and rinse well with water.
  13. The most resistant traces will help remove starch. Moisten the stain with warm water, rub it with starch and rinse with water. Wash the thing with the stain remover.
  14. For hard surfaces and linoleum white spirit is well suited.Just treat him to a place of pollution.
  15. Favorite carpet will help wash soda. Pour a little soda on the contaminated area, pour vinegar on top and rinse with water.
  16. Children's cream will help make the spots on the body less visible, while completely remove them, he can not. Thoroughly rub it into the skin, then wash your hands well. The more such procedures, the brighter the color is green!
  17. Stains from the polished surface will help remove the eraser. Moisten it with something alcohol and rub it well.
  18. Clean gasoline or paint thinner will help clean the wooden floor or parquet. Of course, the smell will not be the best, but the result is more important.
  19. Body Scrub. Apply a little scrub to the polluted area, gently rub and rinse with water. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.
  20. Toothpaste. Apply it to the stained surface, rub it with any brush, rinse with water and repeat the procedure a couple of times. This method has already helped many housewives.

Clear stains on nonwoven or pvc wallpaper can be three previously listed methods: using soda, starch or alcohol. But, unfortunately, the paper coating will need to be replaced completely.

As you can see, if you arm yourself with these very ordinary substances, it is not so difficult to get rid of stains. If there are no household chemicals at hand, folk remedies have not been canceled! Remember that the faster you use one of the above methods, the better the result. Good luck in the difficult struggle with the spots!

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