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Emma Watson herself will make a marriage proposal

To be called a feminist, it’s not enough to wear a fashionable T-shirt with the inscription We All Should Be Feminists. Therefore, Emma Watson - the highest paid young actress, and more recently the UN envoy - intends not only to shake the air with words about gender inequality, but also to fight with medieval customs and, above all, start with herself. For example, in order not to wait until her boyfriend - IT-specialist William Knight - makes a marriage proposal, and herself initiate the wedding.

Publication by Emma Watson (@emmawatson)Sep 29 2016 at 11:34 pdt

Emma is sure that expecting an engagement is a humiliating occupation for a modern woman. With the advent of families, where a man is no longer a breadwinner, and is one of equal partners who make money and invest in life, this centuries-old tradition should be reduced to nothing. Girls need to learn to answer for their own lives and make decisions, including in matters of marriage.According to rumors, Emma has already expressed her position to her boyfriend, and he absolutely does not mind that she took the initiative.


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