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Face fitness, or How to look younger without plastic

At the beginning of the 20th century, the German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz invented a special facial gymnastics, which was supposed to help women maintain their attractiveness and prolong their youth, without resorting to plastic surgeries and beauty injections. The idea did not take root, although it really worked, and waited for its high point for several decades, until the famous American bodybuilder Jack Lalann in the late 80s of the last century created his own program, where trimmed beauties with high hair styles and bright tights told and showed fitness exercises for the body, as well as special gymnastics for the face.

In Russia, face-fitness only appeared at the beginning of the 2000s, only our women were skeptical of the innovative idea, thinking that they were simply deceived and that only plastic and injections could fight wrinkles. In addition, the idea that you need to touch the face once more, and the fear of stretching and even sagging skin scared.They recalled the technique of face fitness relatively recently, because now everything in fashion is all natural, natural and natural. Minimum interventions - maximum strength!

What is face fitness?

If you make out a word by composition, it turns out that this is a fitness for the face, which includes special exercises. With it you can get rid of facial wrinkles, prevent premature aging, restore the former elasticity, tone and elasticity of the skin, get rid of bags under the eyes and puffiness. The complex of exercises for face-fitness is chosen individually - it is desirable that this be done by a beautician, but with the help of the Internet you can choose working techniques that any girl can perform in a comfortable home environment before watching your favorite show. This massage helps to relieve cramps and skin wrinkles, maximally relaxing muscles, thereby smoothing wrinkles.

By the way, in beauty salons and centers of aesthetic medicine you can offer a facial massage service, which is also aimed at skin rejuvenation, restoration of turgor, elasticity, elasticity and tone.Some of the massages, such as lifting or spooning, are equated to an alternative to facelift, contour plasty and plastic surgery.

Face fitness, or How to look younger without plastic

Face-fitness improves the metabolism in the cells and tissues of the skin, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improves the color, appearance and quality of the skin. Often after such gymnastics women notice that their skin not only became more smooth and elastic, but that rashes, inflammations and pigmented spots disappeared, which peelings, cleansings, and traditional medicine could not cope with.

Just do not think that face fitness = 100% guarantee against wrinkles in old age and that in 60 your skin will look like an ass for a baby at daily lessons. No, of course, this will not happen - we will look at life soberly and do not begin to adore empty, mythical hopes.

The skin will not stop aging and will not die at the level of "18 years", but its condition will be much better in old age than those who did not watch themselves and did not engage in facial gymnastics, and most importantly, you will avoid the mask effect, like in women , dabbling in Botox and hyaluronic acid (although it is, by the way, much harmless than the first)

Exercises for face fitness

Every day, the facial muscles are in motion: they contract, when we frown, grimace, wonder, get angry, laugh - in general, express at least some kind of emotion. The only problem is that in these cases, the muscles work unevenly, the load goes only to the same places, while other parts of the face remain intact. As a result - the strongest overstrain of some muscles and excessive relaxation of others, which together causes wrinkles in places of spasm. Exercises for face fitness are aimed precisely at balancing muscle relaxation and tension, preventing the formation of cramps and wrinkles.

Just note: fitness for the face should not cause any pain, no matter what they say. Pain can cause significant damage to blood vessels, enhance the sensitivity of the skin and its susceptibility to free radicals, making such gymnastics more harmful. By the way, this is why there are women who have suffered from face fitness and now in no case advise anyone to do it.

Each exercise is RECOMMENDED to perform in front of a mirror, focusing on your feelings, but when you master the basics, you can perform workouts by taking a bath or sitting in front of the TV.

The first thing to do is to warm up the muscles and scalp. This is a simple exercise performed by either a rough massage comb with thick rounded denticles or fingers. With sharp, slightly pressing movements of the pads of the fingers, comb the scalp from the forehead to the back of the head. This provides an influx of nutrients and warms the skin, preparing it for further exercises.

Face fitness, or How to look younger without plastic

Put your hands on your forehead, fix your fingers with your fingers and try to wrinkle your forehead. At you it, can, and will turn out, but hardly: fingers stir, keeping a skin on a place. Due to the resistance of the muscles of the forehead strengthened, and the skin is gradually smoothed. Exercise must be performed about 20 times for 15 seconds.

To get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

Place the index and middle fingers on the outer corners of the eyes. As hard as possible, but not painfully, squeeze your fingers, then squint. You should feel how your fingers prevent the skin from clenching together with the eyelids. This exercise prevents the appearance of "crow's feet" and smoothes them in case of appearance.

So that the cheeks do not sag and the second chin does not appear

And also to strengthen the skeleton of the face, you need to perform the following exercise: stretch your lips with a "duck" (in general, make a famous facial expression called duck face, known to the whole insta world). The cheeks in this case must necessarily be drawn inwards. Then smile wide, showing teeth. Alternate exercises with each other at least 20 times.

Lifting effect

Provides an exercise called tearing hair. Close to the roots, take the large strands of hair, gently pulling them up, then move to the sides. So work through the whole head, trying to keep within one minute. This exercise is especially effective while taking a shower, since there is a complete relaxation of the skin and muscles of the head.

For an easy increase and better blood supply to the lips in order to moisturize them

Suitable exercise "cap". Insert a small cork or cap into the relaxed lips, while the teeth should be closed, but not clenched (and not the teeth need to hold the cap - it is only in the lips). It is recommended to hold the cork for about 30–60 minutes.


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