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Fashion hairstyles of the 40s of last century

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The 40th years of the past century were saddened by the height of the world war. Armed collisions are always a test for fashion. Change the approach to things, views of the world, the presentation of yourself. Strength and convenience are on the first place. Human destinies change, and representatives of the fashion world are no exception. Many had to adapt to events or stop work. The fashion of that era was full of different events, both sad and happy.

A bit of history

So, tell you a few facts from the history of that time.

During the period of military clashes, the only option for women to change the grayness of the image and bring a variety of hats to it. Clothing was expensive, and buying or sewing a hat is always easier. Almost all hats were in the form of a turban, which towered above his head, because this model fits the hairstyle style. Scuffed locks lifted upwards, from them they made a bundle, hiding in a mesh. In the Soviet Union, such styling was called "lousy house."This was actually the case because, because of economy, the hair was rarely washed, not more than a couple of times a month.

Fashion hairstyles of the 40s of last century

The purpose of the headdress is to hide the curls, and a similar hat shape did an excellent job with this task. Fashion for wearing turbans came from the countries of South America. During the war, France was “cut off” from America, the main consumer of fashion, because the US paid attention to these countries: Cuba, Puerto Rico, etc.

Women who worked on the plantations of Latin American countries, tied to the head matter, something like a turban. So they hid from the heat. And the Brazilian actress Miranda, who was famous in Hollywood, introduced platform shoes to fashion. She was small, so in order to look taller, she wore shoes with a 20 cm heel and a platform, and she was tied with a turban on her head. He was sewn from rags.

Now everything that was popular at the beginning of the last century is back in fashion. And fashionable laying is no exception

Everything new is a long forgotten old. On this truth are based all the newfangled trends. Fashion collections are filled with hairstyles, which were created on the basis of the main elements of the past century. The 20s, 40s, 50s are notable for their special styling details.

Popular hairstyles of the 40s

A distinctive feature of the fashion of that era is the style of the fatal lady. This image remained an inseparable element of the appearance of Hollywood stars of that time. The desired effect was obtained by carefully twisting the strands from about the middle of the length to the tips.

In addition, in the 40s, the classic smooth beam was famous. And the square with the hair, curled from the center to the ends, perfectly looked on the hair of different shades. It was considered attractive when the hair is twisted in the roller ahead. Such styling is actively used during the fashion shows of our time.

If you want to try out the retro style, remember the popular hairstyles of the 40s. This period was difficult for all mankind, but during it women wanted to remain attractive. For laying they used various improvised means. We have a much richer choice of means, so repeat the packing much easier.

Fashion hairstyles of the 40s of last century

At the peak of the popularity of the styling of that era was the Victory Rolls with rollers (coca from two sides of the parting). At that time, preferred the average length of hair, it was easier to wrap the rollers and make curls.

In this arrangement, symmetry was the main weapon. Hair divided into clear halves of the right parting. From the two sides of it, the upper strands were formed into rollers, they were to be fixed with pins. The rear locks can also be gathered into a roller or left loose, wound into spiral strands.

The most popular styling 40s are rollers from the hair. This is a kind of symbol of that era.

With a similar styling, the bangs did not look; they were let go and hid up, pinning up with pins. So neat parting was from the very beginning of the hairline. In addition to 2 rollers, they made a single roller that stood above the forehead. He was twisted out of bangs, lifting up and stabbing near the roots. Behind the strands, they also made a roller or twisted them.

Short hair in the 40s

In the 40s, short hair, like long hair, was also popular. For example, small curls were made of them, twisted on small curlers, and then carefully combed so as not to break the curls. They needed to be made as small as possible, no more than 2 centimeters in diameter. In order to keep the styling better, first the hair was moistened, and then attached to the base of the hair.

Small curls created more often on short hair, because hair of medium or long length is not able to keep the shape of such curlicues for a long time, they unwind due to the severity of the hair.

Fashion hairstyles of the 40s of last century

By changing the diameter, direction, location of curls, you can make a variety in the image. To obtain persistent curls take a lot of time. This hairstyle is not created in an hour. For this reason, the curlers were left overnight.

Medium hair in the 40s

In the 40s, the average hair was often curled into large curls; The parting was done either in the middle or on the side. The strands were combed and divided so that a maximum volume was obtained.

The forehead was usually left open, while the bangs were not much appreciated. Fore curls raised up and combed, or made from them one large wave, turning into the main curls, it was laid on one of the sides.

A popular accessory at the time washair net. She was easy to do with her own hands: knit or crochet. Sometimes it was unadorned, but more often it was decorated with various beads. The mesh held the tail, bundle or roller. Often, the hair was attached only from behind, so the front of the net was not noticeable, in the foreground traditionally were bolsters.

It was a convenient accessory: the grid helped keep the hair in shape, keep the hair, hide the imperfection of styling. She eliminated the problems with the creation of hairstyles from the rear curls

Stars of the 40s

In every era there are celebrities that reflect fashion. If we talk about what kind of stars are a symbol of the 40's, then it's worth remembering these:

  • Marlene Dietrich.The refined and elegant actress was the epitome of the fashion of the world war era. She carefully watched her styling, creating hair from her hair. Hair laid on one of the sides, preferring asymmetry.
  • Veronica Lake.This famous actress from the United States represented a hairstyle where the waves from the hair covered one eye. But at the same time she was noticed with the installation of the Victory Rolls. She was incredibly suited this hairstyle, revealing the entire face.
  • Janes Russell.A great symbol of that time, an actress from the USA wore tresses of medium length. From them she made asymmetrical styling and large curls. Often opened her forehead, giving only a small strand in front to hide her face.

Fashion hairstyles of the 40s of last century

  • Catherine Hepburn.This actress tried on a variety of styles, fashionable in the 40s.Except for the cokes, she created a pipe on her head from the hair in front, towering over her forehead.

The style of the 40s in modern times

In modern times, the style of the 40s is valued no less. They try to repeat the extravagant ladies that they relate themselves to extraordinary and special personalities. Vintage style is the accuracy not of a single detail, but of all at once.

Each era is marked by stellar symbols. In the 40s, Marlene Dietrich, Catherine Hepburn, Jane Russell

In other words, it's not enough just to make a hairdo of the time on your head, you need to select a suitable make-up, outfit, and costume for it. Better with similar styling combines a light skin tone, red lipstick, black arrows.

Rules of an ideal retro hairstyle

If you want to stand out, follow the rules for creating the perfect retro hairstyle. They depend on the years, the trends of which you want to take as a basis. Since the 20-ies of the last century, the features of hair styling have been constantly changing, but they were united by one: uniqueness and chic. We will try to deal with them:

  • 20s style - chic. This period was distinguished by the desire of women to win equality.Increasingly, women cut off long curls. Because of this, there appeared haircuts garcon and page. But the elegance did not go away, because the girls created curls from their hair. If you want to repeat that style, then remember that the curls should be distinct. For this purpose, help clips for hair;
  • 30s style - naturalness. After 10 years, the heat subsided, and the ladies were tired of constantly emphasizing aggression. The waves were soft, with lateral partings and bangs in fashion. In order to reproduce the laying of the time, it is important to remember the naturalness. Curls are required neat and soft;

Fashion hairstyles of the 40s of last century

  • 40s style - pin-up and retro. This style is truly special. If you are a bright lady who used to shine, then this image will fit perfectly. Remember the main thing: rollers, bunches, curls or smooth strands. Inaccuracy is not allowed, only elegant style and sexuality. By the way, note that the shade of hair requires a rich and bright, halftones are not allowed;
  • 50s-60s style - volume. During this period in the fashion appeared three-dimensional hairstyles, pushing out the boring curls. It was during these years that the well-known “Babette” appeared.In addition, the girls began to cut their hair very short. To repeat the style will have to resort to rollers and bouffant. A distinctive feature is that you want to remove the hair back to emphasize the shape of the face;

To accurately follow the style will have to try, reproducing the details of hairstyles. If you only make a hint of retro, then a few styling details are enough.

  • 70s style - freedom. In this era, ladies abandoned intricate hairstyles, choosing natural. But here too there are secrets: in order to repeat the style, you will have to create a volume at the roots and achieve perfect smoothness of the hair.

How to make a hair with rollers?

So, let's figure out how to make a hairstyle with rollers - the most popular styling of the 40s:

  • Parting. He must be perfect. Front curls, including the bangs, fasten. Scrape the curls from the top and twist from the ends to the roots into rollers. They need to stab. It is important that the barrettes are not visible, and the rollers are not lying flat on the head, they must be twisted in the form of rings, so that the lumen is noticeable.
    In the end, you get 2 cushions, one on each side. They need to be laid symmetrically, one must be a reflection of the other
  • To create rollers, only the upper hair is used. Of the remaining locks, the tail is assembled into an elastic band. Fix it with stealth to remove the gum, and twist the back strands into a roller and lift to the back of the head. All this construction is required to stab the studs.
  • Finallyfixing with lacquer.

Fashion hairstyles of the 40s of last century

If the classic styling of this type required rigor and symmetry, then today you can modify the image, adding asymmetry. Part on the side, so that there is more hair from one side. So one cook is collected from the curls in front and from the side, the other from the smaller part. Remember to carefully roll up the strands for the rollers.

Other hairstyles 40s

If you have already tried out the style of Victory Rolls, then it is worth trying other hairstyles from the 40s. It is worth trying to build a styling from the famous in the US military poster:

  1. First, curl your hair or curlers.
  2. Spread the curls in a spiral curl and fix it with a varnish.
  3. Stir back the front strand and make a strong bouffant on it to create volume. After it is wrapped in a high cook, pinning up the back so that it is high above his head.
  4. Strands on each side wrapped in thin strands and pulled back.There they are required to attach to the hair.
  5. The hair is picked up from behind, forming a roller from them.
  6. Laying is crowned with a wide scarf of red color in white peas. Its required to tie so that the knot was at the top. Above the edge of the kerchief should be a cock from the front curls.

If excessive efforts are not included in your plans, then create a hairstyle that is similar to this style. For example, the roller from the front curls already acts as a reference to the 40s. He is wound upwards, so that he should rise with his forehead. Screw the rest curls with curling iron.


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