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Fashionable autumn and winter sweaters 2013-2014 year (12 photos)

When the cold comes, and around is uncomfortable and dank, you want to put on something warm and soft that can create comfort and coziness. This, with ease, can help sweaters, they have long won the hearts of girls and women, because behind the comfort and practicality hides beauty and unique style, which can only be recreated thanks to such knitwear.

Every year famous world designers tirelessly release new and new models of sweaters and jackets, thereby adding sweaters to popularity and relevance.

And this season is not an exception, fashionable sweaters of 2013-2014 have an incredibly stylish and fashionable look, but at the same time, they have not lost their main function: to warm their owner under any conditions. So, what have fashion designers prepared for us this year? Let's try to figure it out.

Voluminous but not shapeless

Undoubtedly, the main trend of this season will be loose and voluminous sweaters,which have a large number of advantages: practical and warm, comfortable, but at the same time with all this, they are capable of adjusting the figure, giving volumes where there are not enough, as well as visually hiding those extra pounds in the “jutting” places.

Such models can be worn with anything, voluminous sweaters are perfectly combined with leggings or narrow jeans, while in order to look more feminine, a thin belt can be tied around the belt, which will visually highlight the waistline. Still free models perfectly combined with skirts - the maxi models will do, however in recent collections almost all sweaters are presented with skirts that have a length just above the knees.

Too full of girls is better to beware of such sweaters, because they can give the figure even more volume, which is completely undesirable in their case.

But slender girls can, with great confidence, acquire such models, they will give the figure extra tenderness, just imagine how fragile the pens look on the background of the volumetric sleeves of a sweater! Such models are in great variety in the latest collections of Calvin Klein Collection, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykiel and Louis Vuitton.

With neck and bolero sweater

In the cold winter, knitted women's sweaters with a high neck have become indispensable for a long time. Their high popularity is explained by the fact that such models are able to protect well from cold and frost, besides, the high neck can easily replace the scarf, which you always forget somewhere or cannot find for a regular outfit.

The larger the collar, the better, such models will be able to give your image of femininity and romance. If you want to achieve an additional decorative effect, then you should pay attention to the model with a large viscous or with a relief on the collar.

Another hit of the upcoming season is the bolero sweater. Of course, such models can hardly be called practical, they are unlikely to be able to protect against severe cold, but, nevertheless, they are gaining more and more popularity among girls.

To wear them as basic clothing is not worth it, if you don’t want to chill anything for yourself, but as an addition or decoration for the whole image, this option is ideal. From the stylistic point of view, the bolero is more suitable for thin and tall girls, and you can combine them with narrow jeans-pipes or maxi-skirts.

Sweater Dresses

Whatever the weather outside, a woman should always remain a woman, and what can best emphasize the feminine principle, if not a beautiful and harmonious dress?

That is why almost no one collection of fashionable clothes is complete without dresses, because they, better than an ordinary knitted sweater, are able to warm, but at the same time skillfully emphasize all the advantages of a figure. They can be worn with thick nylon pantyhose, leggings and tight pants. Relevant and kits, which are a combination of dresses, sweaters and cardigans.

Retro is always in fashion

The once-popular semi-circular shape of the shoulders and sleeves is back in fashion. Amazing notes of the 80s, which are expressed in sweaters with shoulder pads, as well as shortened versions of sleeves, can give the female image of mystery and unprecedented chic, especially if such models are combined with fur collars and inserts.

As for prints, colors and fabrics

Autumn and winter sweaters of this season should be made in muted colors, calm and warm colors are in fashion. Here, for example, are nut, chocolate, pale pink, maroon and beige colors, never stand aside a classic - white and black do not leave the world podiums.

Especially popular will take possession of deep green and blue hues. As for colors and prints, sweaters with intricate patterns and patterns in ethnic style will literally take over world fashion. Original abstract drawings remain as well as all sorts of animal prints, especially leopard color. But even here, one cannot do without classics: the various stripes, lettering and applications still remain in trend.

As for the fabric component, in this season the designers gave preference to mohair, which is used both for making a coat and for dresses-sweaters. The highlight of the season are the combined models, which combine thin woolen fabric, leather and suede. Not without fur, which is relevant as the original appliqués, as well as practical and rich collars.

How to choose the perfect one?

Wearing even the most fashionable blouse, you can look boring and inconsiderate, this is due to the fact that not every model will suit any model of sweater. For example, ladies with a pear-like figure will not suit too short or, on the contrary, elongated sweaters.

Owners of a magnificent bust need to opt for models with a V-neck, which successfully emphasizes your feminine dignity, and if on the sides and abdomen you also have burned a few extra pounds, then in this way divert from them an extra look. But the sweaters with high collars such ladies do not fit at all, they will look uninteresting, visually tight figure.

Those who have a fairly wide waist, fit models that fit the top, but expand to the bottom, that is, A-models. But miniature girls can come fitting knit sweaters, with a single tone. When choosing a sweater, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the fabric from which it is made. It is better, of course, to dwell on natural knitwear, since synthetic materials can irritate the skin.

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