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Features of using Vinzer cookware

You need to choose the dishes carefully, so that you do not shift unnecessary items from one shelf to another, sighing. Vinzer is a purchase for many years, as its quality is high enough.

Frying pans, pots and stewpans: features and benefits

Among the entire range of Winzer, stainless steel utensils are most in demand. Products are distinguished by the refined form and convenience in operation. The quality of steel 18/10 is widely known, and the dishes are fully consistent with the stated level, which has been repeatedly stated by numerous experts in their research. But impeccable quality is not the only feature of the brand's products. Most of the sets Winser has a high bottom, which allows you to cook not only without fat, but also without liquid. In order for heat to be evenly distributed (and steel, as is well known, does not cope well with this duty) the bottom has a special insert made of aluminum.Cookware retains heat for a long time, which must be taken into account in the process of cooking. Of course, the food comes out surprisingly tasty as a result of prolonged languor in the correct Vinzer utensils.

But it is also important to remember that steel, even of this high-grade brand, is sensitive to acids, which means that their effect on dishes should be limited. Compote and fruit, mustard and other sauces, dried on the pan or ladle, will leave behind ugly spots.

Vinzer Kettles

Kettles of a well-known brand are usually also equipped with a heat-accumulating bottom. As a result, the water will heat up much faster. Experts estimate that the liquid in such a kettle boils 10-15% faster. For those who are forgetful and distracted, the designers have provided a nozzle-whistle that will remind you of a boiling kettle. You can open the nozzle in one click using a special mechanism that will protect you from burns.

Winser Kitchen Knives

The company produces knives made of stainless steel and ceramics. Products are distinguished by a comfortable ergonomic shape. In addition, the handle of most models has bakelite inserts to make the knife easier to hold.Knives with hevea wood handles are also produced. Both those and others can be safely put in the dishwasher.

Ceramic knives are most interesting to the user. They are more acute, besides not sensitive to the effects of acids and alkalis. But it is necessary to use a ceramic knife very carefully, as the product is fragile. Of course, the knife will not break during operation, but if it falls onto a tile or other hard surface this may well happen. It is important to remember: ceramic knives should not be used on glass cutting boards.


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