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Fenichka with an inscription

Many people dream of having a bauble with their own name or the name of their favorite team, or some other inscription that has a special meaning for them. It should be noted that weaving the baubles is quite an easy task, if we understand and assimilate the basics. And so, let's get started. You will need a sheet from a notebook in a section, threads (floss or any for embroidery), thick tape and a little time. First you need to decide on the label that you will weave. In the example, the inscription "YNWA" will roll, which in abbreviation means the motto of the Liverpool football club. In order not to get confused in the process of weaving and not to hold the picture in your head, it is best to make a scheme on a piece of paper. It is more convenient to do it on a regular sheet of notebook in a cage. Each cell will mean one nodule. Choose how many threads you will weave and accordingly such height you will have your inscription.
 Bauble with an inscription
The figure below shows the inscription and the numbers of the threads on the left side. Our example will have a height of 9 threads.Each cell designates one nodule of the highlighting color, which the inscription will write. Next you need to decide on the colors and threads. It should be noted that for each knot there is an opportunity to be of two colors: that thread, which is woven, and that which is taken as a basis. Those. each column can have its own color, but we took two colors: one for the background (yellow) and one for the inscription (red). Since the height of the inscription will be equal to nine, then you need to take nine threads of the color of the inscription (red) and one long string of background color (yellow). We tie them together with a knot and fasten it on the table with scotch tape, as shown in the picture.
 Bauble with an inscription
We begin weaving. The first row will be completely yellow, under the background color. We take a yellow thread in our right hand and tie it with a knot on the first red thread, tighten it.
 Bauble with an inscription
So we do two yellow knots for each red thread. Do not be alarmed if the first row is not very even and the threads still do not want to line up exactly in turn. We flatter one row.In order to weave the next happy you need to weave the same knots, but only the yellow thread will be located to the left of the red and therefore the knot will also be woven to the left.
Fenichka with the inscription
Thus, it turns out that the yellow thread covers the red one in the direction that coincides with the side in which we spin. And in order to make a red knot, we just need to braid the knot with a red thread (the one that goes in turns) above the yellow one in the direction opposite to the weaving. The figure shows the beginning of the weaving of the letter N. Weaving is in this row in the right direction, hence the red thread is thrown to the left.
Fenichka with the inscription
The end result is this.
 Bauble with the inscription

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