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Finally, there was a collection of wedding shoes, which will allow the bride to dance the whole evening

A wedding dress that includes high-heeled shoes can be a real challenge for a girl. Instead of spending this solemn day with pleasure, one must suffer from inconvenience.

Designer Kate Spade has developed a collection of wedding sneakers that will allow the bride to dance the whole evening. Shoes can be purchased at a price of $ 80 and they are designed specifically for wedding dresses. Jewelry made of rhinestones and pearls perfectly complement the image of the bride.

Today, the designer's collection includes more than 30 models of sneakers and slip-ons, produced in collaboration with a fashionable shoe brand. Kate decorates sneakers with lace, sequins and frivolous polka dot patterns.

Many brides with pleasure get original shoes, because they can be worn in everyday life. Shoes are perfect for engagement, rehearsal for a wedding celebration or a bachelorette party.

Shoes of this brand can afford almost any bride. And having made a choice in favor of a democratic comfortable shoes, you do not have to sit at the table all evening. The next day, the legs will not ache from fatigue.

Elegant sneakers are great for wearing them every day. It’s nice to have your honeymoon wedding attire with you.


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