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Fleece: what is it?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
February 3, 2015
Fleece: what is it?

From a fabric like fleece, many products are made. She gained popularity back in the eighties. And still, fleece fabric can be found not only in jackets, but also in sweaters, vests, sweaters and other types of clothing (how to make some things from fleece, read in the articles How to sew mittens and How to sew socks). Consider what a fleece, and also talk about what the pros and cons of this fabric.

What is a fleece

In the literal sense of the word "fleece" from English means "sheepskin". From this material, which is a synthetic knitted fabric of polyester, make hats, sweaters, jackets, as well as other sports and travel products.

Fleece was invented in 1979. The main idea in its creation was the desire to come up with a fabric that would weigh little, could repel moisture and give the body the opportunity to breathe. The result was coined fleece. At the beginning of its distribution, he had one major drawback, namely, the ability to fire.This deficiency has been eliminated with a special fabric treatment. Now almost all types of clothing made of fleece are treated with a special composition against fire.

Fleece properties

Currently, fleece is popular primarily among athletes, as it is able to protect the body well from hypothermia. Due to its low weight, fleece can be worn under clothing. It is so light that sometimes it is not felt. In addition, the fleece fabric has several advantages:

  • Fleece is considered one of the most comfortable types of fabrics. It has good breathing properties, retains heat well.
  • Fleece can be washed by hand or in a washing machine in a delicate mode. In this case, the fleece is not required spin. Comparative cheapness is also quite a big plus of the canvas.
  • Other advantages include flexibility, the ability to dry quickly, and also hypoallergenicity. Fleece clothing can be worn by both adults and children.

The drawback of fleece is considered to be the ability to accumulate static electricity. Also, fleece absorbs dust, attracts down.


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