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Fun on April 1 - how to play friends and classmates at school, colleagues at work, parents at home. The funniest jokes options for April 1 do-it-yourself - ideas and videos

P1A-010What to prepare funny jokes for April 1 for friends and classmates in school? How fun and creative to play the parents? How to make do-it-yourself props for April Fools ’drawing of fellow workers? The answers to all these questions you will find in our article. We described the most original ideas for flamboyant jokes, cheerful holiday sms and funny, harmless rallies. Additional information is available on video clips attached to the text.You just have to choose the most suitable variant of the prikol and, having waited on April 1, cute to make fun of your relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Funny jokes on April 1 in the school for friends, classmates and teachers - the most fun ideas

The easiest and most affordable option is to joke with your classmates on April 1 - it is to arrive at the school as early as possible and tell each of your friends that the first lesson was canceled. It is also advisable to quietly get into the teachers' room and place on the information board a printer announcement that, for example, a 6-A math lesson is transferred due to the fact that teachers are summoned to the mayor's office to present an honorary diploma and a valuable gift. The teacher, of course, will be delighted and will not suspect any trick, and classmates with great pleasure will take advantage of the opportunity to skip the lesson for a good reason. The main thing is just in time to draw the attention of all, that this is just an April Fool's rally and ask the teacher to take a joke with understanding.


After asking to go out at the end of the lesson, you can go down to the dining room and quietly pour the salt into the sugar bowls, and the sugar into the salt shakers.At the change, because of this, a very funny situation will arise, and not only classmates, but all the other students of the school will also be playing the role.

Above the neighbor on the desk is a joke in this way: in the store to buy a diary and a cover, exactly the same as a friend. When a classmate is distracted, pick up and hide the real diary, and in the backpack or briefcase to put an exact copy, but not having a single entry. It will be very fun to look at a friend's face when, having opened a diary, he will see absolutely empty pages. And if the first to notice this is the teacher who wants to rate the answer, the situation will become even more comical. The main thing is not to forget to return the original afterwards and congratulate all the participants of the rally on April 1.

Fun on April 1 for colleagues at work - SMS, pictures, pranks on video


Fun and unusual to play colleagues on April 1, you can use funny SMS approx. For example, it is imperceptible to send at once to several employees messages that they are urgently called to the senior manager, head of department or general director. It will turn out to be a very cool situation, when a dozen people will be gathered near the door of the coveted cabinet, eager to get an appointment with the manager immediately.

Another successful telephone prank for colleagues with school children is to send them a text message requesting them to immediately report to the principal of the school due to the child’s bad behavior. The co-worker, of course, immediately alarmed and tried to take time off from work, and the organizers of the joke would quietly watch him rushing around the office, trying to persuade the authorities to let him go.

To draw with pictures will have to prepare in advance. A couple of weeks before the holiday, the phone will need to take pictures of colleagues when they do not expect it at all. It is desirable that the pictures were as ridiculous and ridiculous as possible, but not offensive. Then they will need to be processed in an online graphical editor and adapted to the format of monitors in the office. On the eve of April 1, the joker should come to work very early and install pre-made photos on each computer instead of desktop wallpaper. When employees come and turn on their laptops in the morning, they will see funny faces from the screens, caught at the most unexpected moment.

Top selection of jokes for colleagues on video

This video shows in detail how to quickly and practically effortlessly play colleagues on April 1. The proposed jokes do not require lengthy preparation, but are guaranteed to create a cheerful, optimistic and festive mood in the workplace. And the main distinguishing feature of funny jokes is that they are completely offensive and are not offensive in nature. By joking in such a way over a colleague, you will not spoil relations in a team, but on the contrary, make them warmer, more sincere and simple.

Funny jokes on April 1 at home over parents are the best ideas

April 1 is an excellent occasion to have fun, bright and creative jokes over parents, having prepared for them in advance a very funny, original joke. And it is absolutely not necessary to frighten close people by the fact that you were kidnapped by aliens, captured by terrorists or shot down on a motorcycle by local bikers. For the rally, you can choose not at all a scary topic and have fun with all your heart, looking at how mum and dad will get out of the kind and sweet trap you set.


  • On the eve of April 1, when the parents are already asleep, quietly make their way to their bedroom and quickly fasten together a sheet and a blanket with large stitches.Early in the morning, rush into the room shouting that something terrible had happened (the fire, the neighbors flooded above, the Emergencies Ministry insists on immediate evacuation in connection with the bomb found, etc.) and plenty to enjoy how relatives will comically flounder in bed trying to free themselves from the captivity of bed linen.
  • The classic version of the draw - while the parents are sleeping, make up daddy's toenails with bright varnish and hide all the solvents in the house. And so that the father did not feel alone in the role of the April Fool's sacrifice, to draw a mustache and sideburns with a toothpaste or a pencil for eyebrows to the sleeping mother. Especially this joke is impressive when on this day parents are in a hurry to work and gather in a great hurry. Dad may not even notice his festive pedicure and will look incredibly comical, for example, in the pool before a swimming session or in the changing room of the gym.
  • It is ridiculous and fun to play with parents by tying a variety of objects to the bedroom handle (preferably, strong and unbreakable). As soon as mom or dad opens the door, books, magazines, pencils, pens, rugs, light furnishings and other small things will scatter around the room.The effect of surprise and the feeling of chaos will undoubtedly make an impression, but which one depends solely on the sense of humor and character. But, most likely, the organizer of this innocent rally will have to get out.

Fun on April 1, do it yourself at home - how to make props: description and video


Seeing on a tablet, smartphone, laptop or any other gadget a huge stain of strange color and unknown origin, the owners of the equipment will immediately come to a holy horror and maybe even begin to tear their hair out loudly shouting all sorts of curses and strong expressions. But what will be their joy when you take away a terrible substance with one hand movement and prove that the unit did not suffer from this unpleasant-looking foreign body.

In order to turn this joke on April 1 and toughly test friends and relatives on the strength of the nerves and the stability of the psyche, it is necessary to prepare in advance and create a “disgusting” spot from scrap materials.

The necessary materials for the props to joke on April 1

  • PVA glue
  • water based food colors
  • culinary spices
  • hoops
  • Stretch tape or polyethylene

Step-by-step instruction on how to make a prop for April Fool's joke with your own hands at home

  1. Prepare all the necessary materials and lay them on an empty, level surface.P1A-001
  2. Stretch tape or elastic polyethylene to stretch on a wooden hoop and firmly fasten so that the base does not sag, but is stretched like a drum surface. Grease, oil or cream is not necessary.P1A-002
  3. Pour PVA on the surface, pre-shaken to a uniform consistency. Do not make too thin a layer, otherwise it will be difficult to separate it from the polyethylene surface, and the blot may be deformed.P1A-003
  4. Fingers very carefully form a glue stain of a suitable size.P1A-004
  5. Sprinkle with green food dye on top and wait until it reacts with glue, then lightly rub with salt or spices.P1A-005
  6. Put the workpiece in a dry, warm place and wait until it hardens completely. Then separate from the base and use as directed.P1A-006
  7. If there is a desire to play a few people, prepare the necessary number of blots and lay them with paper so that they do not fade and lose their shape.


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