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Master class on gift wrapping “New Year's ball of desires”

This master class will clearly show and tell you how beautifully and festively pack a small box for the New Year holiday. Packing a gift is a snap, you can do it from materials that are always at hand, and the time spent on manufacturing will not be more than 10 minutes. As they say, a gift starts with packaging, so let's give a holiday even in small things.
 Master class on gift packaging
Materials for the master class: 1. Colored paper, corrugated - whenever possible; 2. Ruler; 3. Scissors; 4. Compasses; 5. Clay; 6. Beads; 7. Satin Ribbon; 8. Gel pen with silver core. Progress: 1. In the example we will pack a packet of coffee, for this purpose, A4 paper is enough.
Master class on gift packaging
2. We will spread wide part of the packaging with white glue.
 Master class on gift packaging
3.Connect and glue.
 Gift packaging workshop
4.Let the angles at 45 degrees from the side of the packaging.

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