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Girls, is it true that it is better not to eat milk on a diet?

heard from one friend


There is. It's fat, what are your extra calories?

And what is now cooking porridge? On the water? This bad taste will be ((

Try to go to the vegetable, it is just low-calorie and satisfying.

How to understand herbal? The first time I hear about this ... Do you mean milk powder?

No, not dry. Vegetable - based on cereals produced. Someone rice character, someone soy. I personally prefer the oatmeal Nemoloko. Often for a snack buy.

And where to find him? And at the price probably expensive?

Per liter I give about 100 rubles. It is in all grocery supermarkets there. More often in Magnet or in fixed price I take.

By the way, buy not 3.2% fat, but 1.5%, since you are on a diet))

I understand now. It will be necessary then to look in the store.

Yes, in general, milk is not very good, it is she who is the culprit of rashes often. I've stopped eating it and my face has become super clean.


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