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Glass marbles as an indispensable element in decorating

Perhaps now it is difficult to find such an area of ​​creativity where the multi-colored glass marbles are not used. Jute filigree, modeling of polymer clay, decor of painting on glass, mosaic - all and not list! Meanwhile, few people know that Marbly (this is their original name), according to many scientists, first appeared in the days of the Indian civilization in the territory of modern Pakistan near the Indus River. Marbles are also often mentioned in Roman literature, Egyptian culture. They were usually made of stone, clay or glass.

Later, already in the XIX century in the US, glass marbles were created in the form that we know them now. Basically they were intended for various games, as well as collectibles.

At the moment, colored glass balls are one of the most popular materials that decorators enjoy using.

The ideas presented in this publication are just a small tip of the iceberg.Elegant glass droplets give creative people unlimited flight of fantasy!

The possibilities of decorating with balls of various surfaces impress with their scale. There is no difficulty in dealing with them. The only nuance that you need to know: for transparent marbles use transparent glue, since the yellowness of conventional glue can shine through the glass. The surface for decoration must be strong enough to hold the glued balls. Otherwise, the process of gluing marbles is reminiscent of the action of a wizard who spreads a pattern with sparkling droplets-dewdrops!

Original stones are obtained from the stones of marbles, in the creation of which I can take an active part as well.

Also with the help of bright, colorful Marbles you can come up with various educational games for children:

Marbles can completely transform a boring interior, boring mirrors or faceless picture frames. Color balls in stained glass windows or in a colorful mosaic panel look exquisitely.

Marbles and lighting.

Well, finally, you can simply, without philosophizing slyly, pour colorful glass beads in a vase, glass, any vessel.


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