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Gold pink jewelery

Pink is consonant with the female character (although we are not against being worn by men), like no other shade, because it can reincarnate and replay itself - to be and seem, to dream and act, to like and annoy at the same time. So even if a pink coat or a pink dress on the floor like those that will be presented at the exhibition is not exactly your style, then it’s not at all scary to try pink jewelry. Start by exploring morganite - a stone of impeccable pastel-pink hue - framed, of course, with pink gold.

Gold pendant with morganite

This unusual tint to the morganite is due to the admixture of manganese - a fragile silver-gray metal - and the magic of chemical reactions. The output is the Millennial Pink - the pink color of the millennium generation, which last year all fashion magazines amicably called the main discovery of the year.


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