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Good vacuum cleaner - the perfect assistant.

Every good housewife knows perfectly well that cleanliness in the house is the key to a good mood, comfort and health in your home. In any apartment or house, the fight against dust and dirt never stops, for example, if you don’t clean a whole year, then a whole bucket of dust can accumulate in a regular three-room apartment!

To cope with such a problem in the modern world is much easier than before, because for those who appreciate the cleanliness and order in their own home, already, like more than a hundred years ago, the first vacuum cleaner was invented.

Assistant for the hostess

It’s hard to imagine, but at the end of the 19th century, having a vacuum cleaner in one’s house was a sign of great prosperity; .

Only from the middle of the 20th century, such a home assistant became a common thing for any average citizen of our country. Over the years of its existence, so incredibly comfortable anda useful household item has been radically transformed and improved: if the first models of vacuum cleaners worked on gasoline, then in the modern world there are already models that are difficult to accept even now as real ones.

For example, a robot cleaner that is able to do house cleaning without your help. A completely small box with a built-in LCD display can save you from wasting time, but the price of such a miracle is still biting.

When you come to the hardware store for such a purchase, your eyes naturally diverge: a huge number of very different models and brands, which, perhaps, differ visually. But the pricing policy is scary - the gap is so big that it’s really hard to determine the “golden mean”.

Be sure to pay attention to power

Based on the opinions of sales assistants is stupid, because most of them pursue the only goal - to sell a product, regardless of its quality and real benefits. How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment or house that does not throw "money down the drain" and not be disappointed in your own purchase?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, the second is personal theoretical knowledge to which we will try to enlighten you.

How do modern vacuum cleaners work?

Most of the models that are currently offered to us in stores are divided according to the way they work: vacuum cleaners with a bag for dust, models with containers and models with water filters. There are a great many other lotions, which in one degree or another facilitate the life of the hostess, though not all of them are justified in a particular case.

  • The most familiar type, which works according to the simplest scheme, is a vacuum cleaner with a bag. This option is the most affordable and cheap for the average buyer, but, alas, the most inefficient. Such dust collectors work really simply: dust sucked through a hose is collected in ordinary bags, which can be cloth or paper. The last of them belong to one-time ones, they can be used for no more than a month, but they do not need to be cleaned, which saves you from the unpleasant procedure, besides, they are able to hold inside themselves, much more debris. The minus of such disposable bags is that they need to be constantly purchased, which again is another waste. Cloth bags hold coarse dust quite well, but small particles leak through the fabric walls, returning back to the air.Plus, it is important to constantly wash such bags, otherwise bacteria and fungi will easily be diluted in a dark and dusty environment.
  • You can do without the bag, the next generation of dust collectors use special containers that do not require constant replacement, you just need to wash it after the vacuum cleaner. Such models are much better at retaining dust and large debris, although the disadvantages of such vacuum cleaners include a rather high noise level, which is explained by high power consumption.
  • The most modern and, perhaps, efficient view is represented by vacuum cleaners with aqua-filters, which are equipped with a tank with water through which air saturated with dust constantly circulates. Such vacuum cleaners are real magic wands for modern housewives, because, depending on the availability of special filters and nozzles, they are not only able to clean the polluted air, which, passing through the vacuum cleaner, returns to the room, but also moisturize any surface with their help you can clean the floors or windows and even clean the clogged sink! However, it should be noted that such dust collectors are not only effective and modern,but also quite capricious to use, large in size, which can be a serious disadvantage for owners of small apartments. Another disadvantage is the relatively high price of such vacuum cleaners.

What should I look for when choosing?

Perhaps the most important and defining characteristic of any vacuum cleaner is its power, but here it is important not to be confused - the power consumed (which is often indicated on the unit body) and the suction power.

The first value indicates the consumption of electricity, and therefore the possible number of functions of the vacuum cleaner and its noise level. Typically, this value ranges from 1200 W to 2000 W, while not having any impact on the quality of cleaning.

The suction power is what should interest you in the first place, because it is how this vacuum cleaner will deal with the garbage depends on this value.

If this value is less than 250 W, then you should not pay attention to such a unit, since it is able to clean only those rooms where there is practically no debris and dirt.

A good dust collector for a house or apartment can be limited to a suction power of 300-350 watts, but if you have small children, fluffy carpets and pets, you may have to pay attention to the most powerful models with a power of 400-450 watts.

A variety of species is striking

When choosing a particular model, you should familiarize yourself with its basic capabilities; washing vacuum cleaners with which you can do wet cleaning are very popular. This feature is especially useful for those who are allergic to dust, again, who have small children and pets.

The next question is the brand of the vacuum cleaner. The most elite and serious units are vacuum cleaners of American brands, for example, the company Rainbow. Such devices are considered the highest quality and reliable, capable of operating for decades.

The most democratic in price and quality are Japanese and Korean brands that can combine good quality and low price, however, such models serve for a short time - about 5-6 years. Recently, European manufacturers, which represent more expensive equipment in comparison with Asian countries, but are of higher quality and able to serve for many years, are gaining increasing popularity.

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