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Grieving for loved ones is the norm

Grieving for loved ones is the normSPELL

Grieving for loved ones is the norm. Grief, loss grief help the lover to let go. Grieving, weeping and grieving, we do a great service to ourselves: we feel in ourselves what it is like to accept reality. The process of mourning has a beginning and an end. This is not a hopeless blind desire to be with the person who left you. Having surrendered to grief, you begin to feel with particular urgency the good that is in your beloved. Under any circumstances, to see the positive qualities of people is good. Yes, and you can not grieve for a man in whom there is nothing good! So do not forbid yourself to remember the positive qualities of a loved one. But do not forget about its negative qualities. After you have forgiven, grief will help you reconcile with reality and move on.


By the way, and in those cases when two people decide to stay together, but say good-bye with the hope of cardinal improvement of their relations, also grief is required. The process of mourning always helps people come to terms with the situation.


Therefore, dear readers, I appeal to you: if your friend has to say goodbye to his beloved person, then by belitating this person, you will harm the friend. This is a very common mistake. You are trying to help, and in fact you are harming someone who is going through a separation. You yourself know what words are often said to a friend who was thrown by her husband or fiancé: “There is little loss! You would be better off without him. He does not deserve you! "Maybe, indeed, it is. But such statements negate everything that was dear to the lover: a sense of humor of a loved one, his bright personality, the events that they experienced together. Therefore grieve for the loss of the good that was in the beloved, while not forgetting about its negative features. A wise person helping a friend will always allow him to say goodbye to both the good and the bad.


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