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Happy Elephant - Cushion


Trunk Knitting

If the pillow is double sided, then the location (right or left) of the trunk is not It has. If the ears and eyes are on one side only, then it is worthwhile to pre-think where to look and the trunk of the elephant. For tying up the part, the upper quarter of the loops is taken from the front side and the same from the back, over the snake, dial 5 air. P. The edge of the cloth is fastened to the post.b / n, then the work moves upwards perpendicular to the cover.
Happy little elephant cushion
To make a part easily and relaxed, knit with different-sized bars. Divide the number of loops of the trunk into three parts. On the middle third to knit stitches with a crochet, on the extreme third to knit a post. B / n. In the middle part of this canvas there will be a mound. Thus knit 10-15 rows.
Happy elephant cushion
Happy elephant cushion
Then change the type of mating: one row of Art. b / n, the other - Art. s / n. In the rows with the columns.b / n, still on the middle loops, knit double crochets, along the edges of the row - st.b / н. Rows of art. / N are tied in the same way. The length of the trunk is equal to the height of the pillow, or slightly less than this.
Happy elephant cushion
At the end of the trunk to tie a bend. When knitting go to st.b / n. In the middle, as before, on a third of the loops, knit st.s / 2n. The edges of the trunk knit from the wrong side of the columns b / n to form a tube. Lateral walls of a cover to be tied with a step, the connecting posts.
Happy elephant cushion cushion
Ear. This pillow is one-sided, i.e. the eye and the ear are only from one side, from the front, so the ear is one here. If there is no shortage in the yarn, you can decorate both sides of the pillow in the same way. For the ear, tie the st.b / n circle. During knitting it is important to remember the addition of loops. It is not necessary to strive to respect the flatness of the canvas. In order to give volume to the part, you can add a little extra loops during the knitting process, then the canvas will start to freak out.
Happy elephant cushion
The elephant's ear is slightly sharpened below. To achieve this effect, it is necessary in this part of the ear to knit a part of the loops (6-7) st.s / n.
Happy elephant cushion
Ear height - slightly less than two thirds of the height of the pillow.
Happy elephant cushion cushion
Sew ear to the cover. Stitches in a circle around the center of the ear, separate stitches in four places to hook on the edge of the part so that it does not bend too much.
Happy elephant couch cushion
Eye. From white cotton threads (Lilia) st.b / n to connect a circle with a diameter of 5 cm.
Happy elephant cushion cushion
The pupil. From black cotton threads to bind the inner part of the eye. 2 rows tie st.b / n. To knit the third row of the st / s, at the end of it not to close, do not connect the last loop with the first one in the row. Thread to fasten, cut off.
Happy elephant cushion cushion
Iris. From the cotton yarn of a blue tint, tie a small circle into 2 rows of st.b / n. Put the eye details on top of one another, walk along the edges with sewing stitches to join the parts together. Happy elephant cushion Sew eye to cover. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="Happy elephant couch cushion">


Dial 18 In the first row, bind them st.b / n. In the second row there are 3 v. for lifting, 7 st.s / 2k in one loop of the base, * pass 3 loops of the base, 1 st.b / n, 3 loops of the base to skip, 8 st.s./2n in the fourth loop of the base *, repeat from * to * . Link two similar parts. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="Happy elephant cushion"> Sew hooves at the bottom edge of the cover. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="Happy elephant cushion">


Attach the thread to the corner of the cover opposite the trunk. Dial 15-20 times. To cut a bunch of threads, fold a brush out of them. Attach the element to the tip of the air chain, connect the parts. Pillow filler to put in a cover, snake to fasten. Happy elephant ready. You can use a sintepon or an old children's jacket as a stuffing box cover. [/L_REPEAT]

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