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Heated hair rollers: how to use?

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The invention called hair curlers appeared in ancient times. To look attractive, women curled their hair. Changed only the fashion on the shape of the curls. There were many ways to create curls - red-hot tongs, bonding with rubber bands, etc. But everything changed when the thermobigi appeared. Now, to achieve beauty, it does not take much time and sacrifice. You can create a beautiful styling without spending a lot of time and without disturbing the structure of the hair.

What is heated hair rollers

So, let's see, for a start, what is thermal rollers, how to use them.

In appearance they resemble the usual curlers. They are made of plastic with paraffin inside. It melts under the influence of high temperature and gives off the heat of the outer part of the curler. Enough 5 minutes of heating such a device that creates the necessary temperature, which does not harm the curls and skin.

Thermobigi were used by our grandmothers. True, then they needed to boil, because there were no electric models yet.

Such curlers are similar to small cylinders.Their size is up to 5 cm, and the diameter is in addition to this, they have special clips for fixing curls. Cylinders can be shaped with small spikes to create classic curls and with spirals for trendy curls.

Heated hair rollers: how to use?

To create "beach" waves, it is better to choose curlers of large diameter, and for large curls - a little less. Small curls are achieved by using thin models of curlers.

Types of hair curlers

There are 2 types of heated hair rollers. Their principle of operation is similar: warming up twisted hair. Only the heating mechanism of the curlers is different:

ordinary They need to be put in boiling water for a short period of time and allowed to boil over a fire;
electric. They are placed in a special box and included in the network. They warm up gradually by setting the temperature. This method is more comfortable, because the usual easy to burn your fingers. And electric thus do not harm hair.

Comfortable is the use of models that are made from velor, Teflon or ceramics. In addition, heated hair rollers can be of different sizes to form different curls.

Benefits of Thermo Guns

So what are the main advantages of thermal rollers, compared to others? The main advantages are:

the shortest time in the formation of styling;
harmless to hair. They do not overdry or burn;
reasonable prices for both types of thermal rollers;
ease of use and care of the device;
Suitable for any type of hair.

But improper use of this tool and the inconsistency of the instructions can do a lot of damage to the hair.

Application rules

In order to create attractive curls, do not disrupt the structure of the hair and do not burn yourself, you should just follow some simple rules for preparing curls and applying heated hair curlers.

Heated hair rollers: how to use?

To achieve soft and radiant hair, wash them with shampoo and apply conditioner. Next, dry well, and apply a tool that fixes the styling, it should fit your hair. If ordinary heated hair rollers are used, then it is important to gently pull them out of the water, with two fingers, so as not to get burned.

In order to avoid burns and disruption of the hair structure, it is important to adhere to the key rules for using thermal rollers, as well as to study the instructions for the device.

In addition, it is important to read the instructions for use. The rules are simple:

electric heated hair rollers. For their use does not require special training. Just turn on their outlet;
ordinary heated hair rollers. These tools are heated in several ways. First: in a container of metal or a pot, pour water. In it to lay curlers, clamps to remove. The number is selected depending on the thickness and length of the curls, as well as the characteristics of styling. Boil water for 10 minutes and drain. Second: the thermobigues are placed in a container and poured with boiling water. After 5 minutes, the water is drained, and the curlers can be used as intended.

The duration of the procedure depends entirely on the desired hairstyle, as well as the required time to maintain the shape of the curls. It takes 10 minutes to get light waves. For curls that keep their shape for a long time - half an hour. They are not advised to keep them longer, because on short hair there are too curled curls, and on long hair - spirals, which are badly straightened.

The whole process of winding takes a little time - about 10 or 15 minutes. The procedure is similar for both types of heated hair rollers.From the entire volume of hair is separated curl of small thickness. This is required to fix the hair clip. The tips gently fit on curlers without creases. The strand can be curled outside or inside, it depends on the styling. Curlers required to hold horizontally, slightly pulling up. After twisting strands, it is required to strengthen the clip.

After the required time for the formation of the curls expires, carefully remove the clips and the curlers themselves. For attractive and smooth curls, styling is done by hand. But those who want to get a magnificent head of hair, amazing view, it is worth twisting the strands to the very roots, and after removing the curlers carefully comb them with a comb.

Classic curls

To create classic curls requires:

Prepare heated hair rollers.

Plug them in or heat them up with water. If this is the first application, then study the instruction that is attached to the curler to avoid misuse.

Treat the strands with a light fixing varnish.

Begin work with dried hair, because such a perm does not have an effect on wet strands.Varnish is required to splash all the hair, it helps to show curls.

Divide the strands into 3 sections.

The division of hair into parts helps to cope with the thermal hair and guarantees that all the curls are wound, especially if the length and thickness are long. Divide them into three parts: the side and the center. This is done with a flat comb. Strand separate hairpins.

Screw the middle part.

Start from the front. Take a curl and twist it on the first curlers. To do this, moving from his forehead. Fix the clip. Continue until the entire section of the hair will not be twisted.

Heated hair rollers: how to use?

If you do not want to get monotonous curls, then you need to wind in different directions. Some curls in the direction forward, others - in the direction of the back. The result will be natural curls.

To create small curls will need curlers of smaller diameter. For classic curls fit medium.

Classic curls do not require much effort to create them. It is enough to follow the above instructions, and you will get the perfect styling in a matter of minutes.

Screw the remaining sections of the curls.

Start at the top and continue to curl the curls.Twist the strands tightly so that they are horizontally above the forehead. Fix them with clips. Movement should go to the neck. So screw all the curls.

Treat your hair with lacquer, allow time for curls to form.

Will require high fixation varnish. It is important to sprinkle them all the curls. This ensures that the curls do not fall down when you remove the curlers. Leave on curls for up to 20 minutes.

Remove the curlers.

First remove all the clips, then let the curls get rid of the curlers. Fingers fluff and divide strands. For greater fixation process locks with varnish.

Elastic waves

For the formation of elastic waves will require:

Heat the curlers.

For large-sized elastic curls, hair curlers of the largest diameter will be required. Connect them to the network or warm in water. At this time prepare the hair.

Treat with mousse.

Rub the mousse with the palms and apply on the dried curls. This helps the curls to keep the shape that they give thermal rollers.

Divide the curls into 3 parts.

The process of laying elastic curls is similar to the process of forming the classic. It will take a flat comb to divide hair into parts.They need to be attached with hair clips.

Wind the middle part.

Take the front curl and wind it on a large curler. The strand is required to twist from the forehead to the neck so that the curlers lay horizontally on the head. Fix the strand with a clip. Continue winding up this section.

Try to twist the strands in different directions to form loose curls. Some curls curl forward, others - back. So they will look natural. In addition, you can take hair curlers of different sizes on different parts of the head.

Twist the side curls.

You need to start from the top, winding the side strand on the curlers. Fix it with a clip, then continue with the next curl. Continue winding the curls to the end.

Heated hair rollers: how to use?

Spray the varnish and let the curls form.

It requires a light fixation lacquer in order to process curls during the work of the curlers. Allow the curlers to cool down - about 20 minutes.

Remove the curlers and comb the curls.

The clamps are removed and the hair is freed from the curlers. Fingers gently comb the strands to straighten the curls into waves. On curls, it is important to distribute the mousse, which will save curls.

Fine curls

To create small curls need to perform the following steps:

Heat the curlers.

For the formation of such hairstyle need curlers of the smallest diameter. If your set is large, they will not fit. Turn on the curlers or heat them in water.

Treat curls with lacquer.

Use a little varnish on dried hair. So curls will be tight after winding.

Divide the curls into sections.

This procedure makes it easy to create curls. It is always required to divide the hair into 3 parts: the side and the center.

The larger you need curls, the larger the diameter of the curler is required. To create small curls need adaptations of very small diameter.

Screw the central part.

To create tight curls, heated hair rollers are placed vertically. Take a small curl over your forehead, place the tip of the curler and wind it down, so that the curlers are directed forward or backward, but not on the sides. Repeat manipulations with the rest of the locks, the movements go to the base of the neck. Create vertical rows.

Twist the side of the curls.

Twist the locks vertically, going from the top of the head to the bottom. To begin with, twist the strands on one side, then repeat the manipulations on the other. So all the curls turn out to be twisted vertically.

Treat your hair with lacquer and let the curler cool.

Spray varnish high fixation. Allow the curler to cool. It will take no more than 20 minutes.

Remove the curlers.

Gently remove the clips holding the strands and allow the hair to unwind from the curlers. When removing, you will notice that the curls have become small curls. Treat them with a moderate amount of gel, and then top with varnish. Do not comb curls comb. This will spoil the styling.

Tips when choosing a hot rollers

There are some tips, listen to them when choosing a thermal rollers:

When buying an electric model, it is important to have a thermostat in it, and to create an intricate styling - an ionizer;
wire length plays an important role. For this reason, it is important that it be long, so as not to think about controlling movements during the laying process;
so that the tray was convenient to store, you need to choose a model with space for storing the wires inside;
more suitable device with thermal insulation on the edges. This will not burn you during laying.

Heated hair rollers: how to use?

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the heating method. From electric simple heated hair rollers differ by the method of heating. Sometimes it is required to immerse them for 10 minutes in boiling water. There is a minus - you can not adjust the temperature. Electric differ in the fact that heat up, and temperature is regulated.

There are models of different diameters. It starts at 8 and ends at 28 centimeters. For those who love experiments on the hair there are sets with curlers of different diameters. When choosing the size, remember that the size of the waves is equal to half the diameter of the curlers.

It is important to pay attention to the material. Available models are made on the basis of aluminum. But this material harms the hair, almost does not obey. It is better to choose hair curlers from velor, ceramics or Teflon. As for the internal filler, the wax keeps the temperature longer.

The electrical model requires the presence of an overheating protection option. The device automatically turns off when the maximum temperature is reached.

Termobigudi are considered one of the highest achievements of modern hairdressers. With this simple tool you will create wonderful styling in a few minutes, without even going to beauty salons for this. This saves a lot of time and money.Because such a useful device for styling the "must have" of each woman.


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