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Highlighting blond hair 2018 - fashion trends


To date, highlighting of blond hair is one of the most common methods of dyeing. The essence of the method consists in applying paint not on the whole volume, but on separate strands. As a result, an alternation of dyed and unpainted hair is created, forming a single and harmonious image. There are many varieties of this coloring technique. The choice depends not only on personal desires, but also on the length, shade of hair, the overall image. Fashion trends in 2017 dictated their own rules, women from around the world practiced highlighting for long, short and light brown hair of medium length, which is confirmed by numerous photos. And what is fashionable in 2018?

Features of highlighting on brown hair

The main feature of highlighting on any hair, regardless of whether they are blond or not, is the difficulty of the procedure at home. Such coloring should be done by a specialist, and only he needs to be trusted, because appearance is at stake.


For highlighting, a foil is used in which the strands are wrapped after applying the paint and kept for a certain time. Then the foil unfolds, and the hair is washed with shampoo. Also, instead of foil, you can use a special cap.

On a note! Depending on the initial shade of the strands, different color options are highlighted for light brown hair. If the strands themselves and the paint applied to them are similar in color, everything will blend into a general tone. There is no sense in such coloring. Therefore, this technique should be done only by experienced colorists who are able to correctly combine shades to achieve the desired result.

It is also important to understand that blond hair is easier to dye than dark by nature.

Advantages and disadvantages

The procedure has several undeniable advantages:

  • the ability to "revive" the hair without a dramatic change in shade;
  • suitable for girls and women of any age;
  • does not require frequent tinting of regrown roots;
  • paints over gray hair;
  • makes hair longer.

But disadvantages are also present:

  • the difficulty of doing at home;
  • Difficulties in the selection of shades for light brown hair (you must try to pick up the paint, which in tone will be at least slightly different from the natural shade of hair)
  • harm to health, because chemicals are used (this drawback is characteristic of any type of chemical dyeing);
  • a ban on the procedure after perm and henna dyeing.

Types of highlights on light brown hair: fashion trends in 2018

In size and frequency, highlighting on light brown hair is large and small, frequent and rare.

Coloring is carried out by paint of various colors. There are black and white highlights on light brown hair, as well as color: red, gray, red, pink, ashy, which can be seen in the photo.




On a note! The owners of light brown hair fit dark and light shades, so they have the opportunity to experiment with their own appearance.

Below are the types of highlights blond hair with photos, in accordance with the fashion trends of 2018.

Classical highlighting

The classic mode of highlighting is the most common, so many prefer it. This is a method of staining from root to tip.In the photo you can see how beautiful the highlights are with strands of light brown hair, and the thin looks much better and neater than the large.


Classical highlighting of light brown hair makes light shades of colors. However, it is important that this color is in perfect harmony with the natural color of the strands.

BROND highlights

One of the ways to dye hair is brondirovanie, which uses dyes of several shades, close to the natural colors. Thanks to the game of colors obtained, it is possible to visually increase the amount of hair, make them more radiant, fill with energy.


On a note! Bronding is often practiced by Hollywood stars who try to stand out from the crowd with the help of it and improve their image.

For highlighting dark blond short or long hair, with bangs or not, this technology uses coffee, chocolate, copper-brown shades of colors in 2018. These are the colors most suited for dark strands. They do not stand out too much from the general background, but, at the same time, allow to achieve a stunning result.



For highlighting on light-brown hair, beige, wheat, nut and amber colors are suitable.

American highlights

The essence of American melioration of blond hair consists in the coloring of strands with two or more colors (coloring). First, staining with this technology was carried out using red, orange, red and brown colors. It is worth noting that color frequent and rare highlighting is suitable for both dark and light-brown hair, which can be seen in the photo.



However, it is not always the hair with this method of coloring looks bright and striking. You can make a light American highlights on light brown hair, which creates soft highlights, successfully in harmony with dark and light strands. This hairstyle does not look catchy, but just a little refreshing image. American highlighting is done on short, medium or long blond hair, which is confirmed by numerous photos.

On a note! When highlighting on light-haired American-style hair, they use 2-5 shades, due to which the hairstyle becomes more luxurious, livelier and more mobile.


In 2018 shatush remains at the peak of popularity. This is beautiful, but at the same time, careful melioration, which is depicted in the photo, can be used on dark or blond hair, apply for short or long haircuts, strands of medium length.



For dyeing using the Shatush technique, chaotically placed clarified strands and darkened roots are characteristic. It creates a feeling of sun-bleached hair. Clear boundaries are absent, which makes hair more natural and natural. Thus, the color gradient is smooth, blurred. Shatush can be updated much less frequently than other types of this staining technique - about once every 3 months.

California highlights

Another fashion trend in 2018 - California highlighting for blond hair, which is represented in the photo.



The essence of this coloring is a smooth transition from one shade to another. Similarly to a shatusha, the effect of strands sunburned in the sun is created, which is typical of residents of sunny California. Since naturalness in 2018 is in fashion, California highlighting in a trend, it is performed on dark or light brown hair suitable for short and haircuts of other lengths, with bangs or without them.


Typically, this staining technique is used to lighten the brown-haired woman. In this case, the paint is applied to the strand from about the middle, so we can say that the ombre is a partial highlighting on light brown hair.For those who like to stand out from the crowd, you can choose color shades. First, the locks become discolored, and then bright color paint is applied to them.

What color can be done highlighting on the technique of ombra on light brown hair? Shades are selected, depending on the original. For example, cold highlighting of light brown hair is done with the help of an ashen color, thanks to a bright reddish tint it is possible to create an extravagant image, you can emphasize individuality by a smooth transition of blue to blue. In the photo you can see how dark blond hair color looks with highlights by ombre type.


Venetian highlighting

Venetian highlights on light brown hair, which is represented in the photo, stands out with a rich selection of shades and is popular, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.



It is advisable to perform beautiful small Venetian highlighting on sparse brown hair, since such coloring will visually give the hairstyle more volume. In 2018 cognac, honey, sand, chocolate and other colors are in fashion. It is worth noting that not only the individual use of tones is allowed, but a combination of them.


Another option partial staining - balazh.With the help of this technique we are highlighting with toning on light brown hair, which is confirmed by the photo.


Technique balayazh perfectly emphasizes the silhouette of a haircut, so it can easily be used for highlighting on short and long blond hair.

French highlighting

As an example of French highlighting for light brown hair, the following pictures are proposed.



Judging by the photo, the French melirovanie on light brown hair looks great on both the square and the other haircut. There is a soft transition in shades. This technique refers to gentle methods of dyeing hair, in which there is a lightening of several tones.

Highlights on light brown hair for men

The structure of men's hair is different from women's, so they are more difficult to dye. For highlighting on blond hair, men, as a rule, use blond shade paint, covering only the tips of the strands. However, there are those who prefer to stand out brightly by staining with other colors. The photo shows examples of highlighting on light brown hair, which are preferred for short haircuts for men.




How to make highlighting at home?

Since highlighting for light brown or other hair color in salons has a relatively high price (for long strands - about 2,500 rubles), some decide to do it at home. To do this, you need to prepare the necessary composition according to the instructions on the packaging, and then proceed to the procedure itself.

With a hat, this staining technique is as follows:

  1. Put on the cap and evenly pull the thin strands through the special holes.
  2. Apply the composition to the strands and wait for the required time (up to 30 minutes).
  3. Wash off the paint, without removing the cap, using shampoo. At the end, apply a balm for all the hair.

It is much more difficult to make highlighting with foil, therefore it is recommended to contact specialists.


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