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Home Flavors

I, like every mistress, think that when creating comfort and comfort in the house, not only its interior (how furniture and wallpapers, curtains, carpets and other attributes are selected and arranged) is important, but also what the atmosphere in it is. And for this you need at least to eliminate all unpleasant odors from your “abode”. And even better to fill it with pleasant fresh flavors. And it is not necessary for this to seek out in the stores some sort of flavors, many of which smell rather aggressively. For example, I made such beautiful aromatic pebbles from simple and cheap components, and having spent only a few minutes on it.
 home fragrances
Outwardly they turned out very nice, and the benefits of them are quite tangible. Now I can say with confidence that it's very easy to make flavors with your own hands. There would be a desire. Necessary components: • 90 g of flour; • 80 ml. water at room temperature; • 45 gfinely ground salts; • 6 ml. vegetable oil; • food coloring - 3 colors; • essential oil of eucalyptus, lemon and orange - 3 drops.
Home Flavors
A method of making aromatic pebbles: I take three small bowls, pour in each water (20 ml.), vegetable oil (2 ml.), add dyes in different colors (red, orange and green). I follow the essential oils (orange to orange dye, eucalyptus to green, lemon to red).
 Home Flavors
Then I distribute in equal amounts in three containers of salt (15 g) and flour (30 g). I mix the components with ice cream sticks.
 Home Flavors
Now I wear medical gloves (otherwise it will be very difficult to wash my hands after working with dyes) and knead the dough , gradually adding the remaining water.
 flavors for the home
From the dough I make various figures and lay them on parchment.And with the help of auxiliary objects (I found buttons in my household in the form of a brush and a pendant from a lace from an old jacket) I decorate each figure with embossing.
Home Flavors
Leave in this form until they are completely dry and become dense. It will take three days. Good aromatic pebbles, which have not lost their smell, are put in a small transparent bowl (can be in a vase) and find a suitable place in the room for it.
I arranged a vase with pebbles in the nursery on a computer desk, where they were fragrant with a bouquet of aromas for about a week. Then their smell was almost not noticeable, and to refresh it, I applied a drop of essential oil on each pebble. The room was again filled with a pleasant aroma, from which the mood rises. What, actually, was required.

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