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How beautiful to cut fruit?

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How beautiful to cut fruit?

Fruits are not only a decoration of any table, but also an excellent snack to wine, or an excellent dessert and its complement. How beautiful to cut the fruit and what to do so that they do not darken?

How beautiful to cut fruit

When decorating a fruit platter table, follow these basic rules:

  • When choosing fruits for cutting, select only the freshest, elastic, without damage and dents. It is advisable not to take very ripe, and even more so, overripe fruit. They are harder to cut, and they will not look very beautiful.
  • Wash fruit thoroughly before cutting.
  • Cutting should be done immediately before the arrival of guests.
  • Cut the fruit only with a sharp knife. This will save you from the use of large force, which will help to make the cutting more beautiful and neat.
  • Do not cut too much fruit at once, it is better to replenish the dish as you eat it.
  • To make fruits look longer appetizing, they need to be smeared with a thin layer of jelly.
  • In various variants of cutting fruits can be peeled, and you can leave.This will give the dish contrasts, and the fruit will retain its appearance longer.
  • Also, the peel of the fruit can be used as improvised. From the peel of an orange it turns out a great basket, and apples can be turned into chess knolls.
  • Choose the right dishes for your fruit platter.
  • Grapes or pomegranate grains can be a beautiful decoration of the whole composition.

How beautiful to cut fruit

The following approaches are possible for the decoration of fruit ornaments:

  1. To the available fruit to find a suitable pattern, composition.
  2. For the invented composition choose the appropriate fruit.

Ways of cutting fruit

The easiest cut-up option is to cut the fruit into slices, circles, and small squares and spread it onto a plate in a beautiful composition using skewers, umbrellas and other decorations. In addition, you can make fruit canapés of apples, bananas, kiwi, and of what you have.

Another more complicated method is curly cutting. It is easier to make with the help of special knives and accessories that you can buy in the store.

How beautiful to cut fruit

And the most sophisticated way - carving. This is curly cutting for fruits and vegetables. There will definitely need special devices and violent fantasy.Look do not overdo it.

Now you know how beautifully to cut the fruit, the video will help you with this.

However, remember that the main difficulty is not to cut the fruit, but to make a beautiful composition of them, and then your imagination will be useful to you. How beautiful to cut fruit? Photos in the annex to our article will help you and will be a good example to help!


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