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How can I hang a picture on the wall?

Even the most even, beautiful, and only wallpaper-covered walls look dull and dull if they are not diluted at all with any decor. Pictures - this is the easiest and most attractive way to decorate apartments, they can be used to add bright colors to the interior, as well as to emphasize the character and hobbies of the owner.

True, many owners, oddly enough, do not dare to get a couple of such accessories - someone is frightened by the need to drill the walls and, as a result, damage the wallpaper, and someone just does not want to fool yourself with their installation.

And yet it happened: you finally chose exactly the work of art that you liked, brought it home and immediately the question arises how to place it correctly? In principle, this is a personal matter, but there is a certain set of rules that are useful in such cases. So what do you need to know?

  • Horizontal paintings visually lengthen the wall, and, therefore, will look good above the bed, sofa, chest of drawers or table.Vertical pictures, on the contrary, create a visual effect of increasing ceilings, and therefore they always look good on narrow piers.
  • Do not try to hang the picture too high on the wall, the best thing is if it is located at the level of your eyes.
  • In order for the picture to look bright and in full could convey its entire plot, it is important to place it at a good angle of illumination. For example, a wall in front of a window or you can come up with a special highlight in the form of halogen lamps.
  • If you need to place several pictures, think in advance about their location: for example, they may hang in one row, at the same level or, for a change, at different levels, especially if they do not carry a single semantic load.

The easiest and well-known way is, of course, the placement of paintings with nails and a hammer. And sometimes you will not even take a concrete wall with a conventional hammer - you will have to use a drill or a hammer drill.

The result is a few holes in the wall, which, if necessary, can’t be covered or covered up, a mountain of dust and dirt. Therefore, many housewives are more interested in the question,How can I hang a picture without nails? After all, I do not want to spoil the wallpaper, and even the master who would help with the placement of the next work of art is sometimes not so easy to find.

Still, science is moving forward and now, it’s not just a dream, but also a reality - even a woman can cope with this task, and everything turns out quickly and simply. Do not believe? Then read carefully.

Double sided tape

Such a simple and very convenient tool in the household as double-sided tape appeared quite a long time ago. In principle, with his help to hang a not heavy picture - the easiest thing, the main thing, is to choose an adhesive tape on a fabric basis, since it copes better with the large weight.

The main thing is that the format of your picture does not exceed the size of an A4 sheet - and then you can not worry about the reliability of your mount. This method is extremely popular in apartments and rooms with plasterboard walls, which are generally not recommended to drill or pierce. In principle, you can always, if necessary, peel off the picture, the main thing is to shoot it correctly - at a 90 ° angle, then there will be no special marks on the wall.

We use paper clips

For this method you will need: a regular clip, glue, a simple pencil and a clerical knife. We choose a place and make a marking on it with a pencil along the length of the clip, then along the drawn line - a neat cut on the wallpaper with a knife.

Then another cut - perpendicular to the previous one, so you will get a cross. Use a knife under its edge so that an emptiness forms between the wallpaper and the wall. Now clip - transform it so that it looks like a hook.

Insert its most part into the received emptiness under the wallpaper, there should be a hook outside, on which we will later hang the picture. If everything looks decent, remove the clip, fill the void with glue (moderate amount) and insert the clip in place (already finally). Spread the edges of the wallpaper on the right place, wait 10 minutes, and then press the hook to the wall. After a day on such a homemade hook, you can hang a small picture.

Spider Hook

Another tricky invention that can be bought at any hardware store - in spite of its dubious design, such a spider is able to withstand a weight of up to 2 kilograms.All that is needed is to nail it in the right place, after itself, it leaves almost no trace.

Modern technologies

If you need to hang pictures of a larger size, but, at the same time, you don’t want to hang on the nails at all, then it’s time to use special stickers for pictures. These Velcro can withstand weight up to 5 kg, naturally, depending on their number.

Usually the kit includes several stickies that are fixed on the wall, as well as a few more that are glued directly to the frame. This design reliably holds the picture on the wall, while it is easy to remove if necessary without any marks on the wall.

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