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How can I quickly wash the suspended ceiling?

Today, stretched ceilings are installed in many houses and apartments. They look very attractive and serve for quite some time. But, like on any surfaces, they appear contaminated, and dust accumulates. And how to wash the stretch ceiling, so as not to damage it?

How to wash?

Before proceeding with the procedure, appropriate materials and tools should be prepared. And the quality and integrity of the coating will directly depend on their choice, so this should be taken very responsibly.

So, what to use for washing?

  • Detergent. Immediately it should be noted that any abrasive compositions, such as soda, salt, powder, and so on, will not be suitable for cleaning. Their particles will leave scratches on the ceiling or tear them altogether, which will give you a lot of trouble. Do not use aggressive detergents containing caustic concentrated acids, alkalis, solvents, and so on. They can also violate the integrity of the coating and spoil it.Dissolving and foaming compounds are suitable for washing, for example, laundry detergent, the most common solid soap, shampoo, dishwashing detergent or for cleaning mirrors and glass or liquid soap. In addition, today in shops and departments of household chemicals, you can find special solutions for washing stretch ceilings. They cost a little more expensive, but they will definitely not spoil the coating and effectively clean it.
  • Sponge. It will be used directly for processing the ceiling, so it must be very soft. You can use, for example, a baby washcloth or a dishwashing sponge.

What else may be needed for washing?

So, you have a sponge and detergent, it remains to prepare everything else. Here is what you might need:

  • Microfiber cloth. It is required to remove residual liquid from the surface. Microfiber is most suitable for these purposes, because this material is very soft and also perfectly absorbs moisture. You can use suede or any other soft materials. But they should not have a long pile, as individual fibers can remain on the ceiling and spoil its appearance.
  • Capacity for the preparation of detergent.It can be a basin or a bucket.
  • Ladder. Some people try to mop or stick the ceiling, but it’s absolutely impossible to do that, because any awkward movement of yours could damage the material. The stretch ceiling can only be worked with your own hand. If you wash the ceiling in the kitchen, then instead of the stairs you can use the kitchen table if it has sufficient height.
  • Old unwanted clothes. Your items may get dirty during the procedure, so protect them.
  • A vacuum cleaner can also be required.

How to clean?

So, how to properly wash the stretch ceiling? Here are the main steps of this procedure:

  1. First you need to prepare a detergent. Use it in its pure form is not recommended, it can lead to damage to the coating. It is advisable to use foam, and to get it, pour warm water into the container and dissolve the selected composition in it. If you use soap, then pre-rub it on a grater to get chips. About five to five tablespoons of the selected product will be enough for five liters of water. Stir the solution vigorously to form a thick foam.
  2. If the ceiling is very dirty (for example, after repair), you can vacuum it beforehand. But use a soft nozzle and select the minimum speed so as not to tear the material. In addition, you should not press on the cover, it is advisable not to touch it with a brush, but keep it at a distance of 1-2 cm.
  3. Now you can proceed directly to the wash. Dampen a sponge in the prepared foam and start to work the ceiling with it. Act in stages, dividing the whole area in several parts and paying attention to each. Your movements must be neat. If the ceiling is very dirty, then in this case it is not worth actively rubbing it. It is better to leave a foam on it for an hour or two, so that it will definitely work. If the solution is quickly contaminated, it should be replaced.
  4. Now you can proceed to remove the foam. It should be done with the help of the same sponge, it will absorb the composition well and quickly. But wash it thoroughly and prepare clean warm water. To wash everything without strands, do not make circular movements, as usual, but straight lines, that is, from one part to another. Thus gradually move from the beginning of the ceiling to its end.Do not forget to regularly wash the sponge so that there is no foam on the material. In addition, change the water, because it will remain detergent. And the sponge needs to be squeezed out well, remember this.
  5. And finally, the final stage. Take a soft cloth and gently wipe its entire surface to remove any residual moisture. If one rag became wet, then it is better to take a new one.

Washing frequency

So, what should be the frequency of cleansing? Too often wash the suspended ceiling is not worth it, it is not only harmful to cover, but also meaningless.

  • First, any detergent compositions affect the material, and very negative.
  • Secondly, the dust usually settles, that is, it remains on surfaces located in the lower part of the room, and not in the upper one.
  • And, thirdly, high-quality ceilings do not attract pollution. That is why it is worth washing them no more than once every six months, this will be quite enough.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations that will allow you to clean the stretch ceiling at home without harm to cover:

  • To avoid damage to any selected tool, pre-test on a small area of ​​the ceiling (for example, in the corner). Just apply a drop of the composition and wait half an hour.If there are no changes, then you can safely proceed to cleaning.
  • If you use a special tool designed for washing suspended ceilings, then before the procedure, carefully read the instructions attached to it, and strictly follow it.
  • When choosing tools and devices, consider the material from which the ceiling is made, as well as its features. For example, fabric should not be exposed to moisture, because because of this, the material may lose its original properties and greatly change for the worse. In this case, it is desirable to use a vacuum cleaner. Matte coatings are also not recommended to moisten abundantly. Before processing, squeeze the sponge thoroughly, so that it is only slightly damp.
  • Remove all jewelry from hands or wear rubber gloves (even if you use a non-aggressive and skin-friendly product). Why do you need it? The fact is that your favorite ring on your finger can scratch or even tear the material if you accidentally touch it to the ceiling. It is better to prevent it in advance.
  • To make a glossy glossy ceiling, you can use a specialized tool for mirrors or glass.
  • Do not exert strong pressure; any mechanical impact may cause damage to the coating.
  • If you are not confident in your abilities, then seek the help of professionals, that is, in a cleaning company.

Let your ceiling be perfectly clean and whole!

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