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How can you defrost meat?

If you have frozen meat, and you plan to cook something from it, then you need to defrost the product before starting the process. It would seem that there is nothing difficult in this, but in fact there are several ways and important rules.

Method one: outdoors

This method refers to the common and is used by many housewives. It lies in the fact that the piece is removed from the freezer and left on the kitchen table or other piece of furniture.

Consider the advantages:

  • The method is simple and does not require unnecessary actions and the availability of additional devices.
  • Meat is thawed relatively quickly, especially in a warm room in summer.


  • At room temperature, pathogenic microorganisms begin to multiply rapidly in the pulp. Subsequently, this may lead to infection with dangerous infections if the product does not undergo a full and long-term heat treatment.
  • With sudden temperature changes, liquid is released, and it will soil the table or fill the container in which the piece lies.
  • After thawing the meat can change the structure, becoming overly soft. This will complicate the cutting and may affect the texture of the finished dish.
  • If the meat is open, it will be weathered outside (while inside it can be cold, and in the center - frozen).

Method two: in water

In water, meat is also thawed by many, but some make the mistake of immersing it in hot water. In this case, the product will lose its structure and density, will get an unpleasant, loose texture. So the water should be extremely cold or even ice. Meat is preferably not removed from the factory or shop packaging, so that it does not come into contact with bacteria. But if the container is already gone, you can do without it, although it is recommended to still wrap a piece of food film or put it in a plastic bag.

Let us analyze the advantages of the method:

  • The defrost is quick, runs faster than outdoors.
  • There is practically no access of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Due to this natural increase in temperature, the product retains its properties, remaining dense and juicy, without losing useful substances.


  • Poor quality tap water can give the meat an unpleasant aftertaste or odor. But the problem can be solved using filtered, mineral or bottled water.
  • It is not always possible to find the capacity of suitable sizes for a large piece. But if necessary, you can divide it into parts, although cutting frozen meat is problematic.

Method three: in the microwave oven

How can I quickly defrost the meat if it is frozen, and guests or hungry children and the husband are about to be home? Come to the aid of a modern kitchen appliance - a microwave. The meat should be removed from the package, placed in a plate or a special microwave container, covered with a lid and put into the device by selecting the quick defrost option. For uniform defrosting, it is recommended to turn the piece about once every three minutes.


  • The process is accelerated at times and takes literally half an hour.
  • Pathogenic bacteria do not have time to penetrate the pulp and start reproduction.
  • When choosing a suitable function and regularly turning the structure of the pulp is preserved.


  • Not all old models are equipped with the defrost option, especially fast. And with the standard mode, the meat in the microwave just boils outside.
  • The need for turning over. If it is not carried out, on the one hand the product will remain frozen, and on the other it will be thermally treated.

Fourth method: in the oven

Some housewives defrost meat in the oven. This is done this way: first, the meat is released from the container, then placed on a baking sheet or in a low baking mold and placed in an oven heated to minimum temperatures of 30 degrees. As the piece is thawed it is necessary to check and turn it over. It is also advisable to use the function of convection (blowing hot steam).

Several advantages:

  • The product will defrost evenly and quickly enough.
  • The juice does not stand out, but remains in the pulp, so it will be juicy.
  • Fully preserved texture, aroma and taste properties.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Not every oven can be heated to such minimum temperatures. In some, the smallest figures are 100-120 degrees, which is a lot.
  • Without the convection option, the piece can dry out and lose some of the properties.


Finally tips:

  1. It is recommended to defrost meat in its “native” vacuum packaging or in food film, so that no foreign smells and substances, as well as bacteria, penetrate inside. In addition, the shell will retain useful properties, taste and juiciness.
  2. It is better to take care of defrosting in advance and not try to speed up the process, so as not to spoil the product.
  3. Remove the liquid must be removed, because in it bacteria appear and multiply very quickly.

Defrost meat properly, and dishes from it will be healthy and tasty!

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