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How is cancer treated?

Over the past decade, the attitude of medicine to cancer has changed significantly. If until recently cancer was considered an incurable disease, today there are quite effective ways to combat this serious illness. The most common methods are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Those who are faced with this serious illness often have a question: does cancer treat? Doctors claim that treatment options and the likelihood of survival depend on the stage of the cancer. Read more about this in this article: Is it possible to cure cancer? Consider the basic methods of treatment.

Surgical intervention

Treatment with surgery is the most common treatment for cancer. Thus, cancer cells, metastases, as well as healthy cells of the body damaged by cancer are surgically removed. This method in oncology not only treats cancer, but also prepares patients for radiotherapy. Surgical treatment, as a rule, is always complemented by other methods, since it is almost impossible to remove all cancer cells with a scalpel.Surgery to remove cancer cells, most often, goes quite quickly and without consequences. A significant disadvantage of this method is that there is often a relapse after surgery, because cancer cells remain in the body.


Chemotherapy is one of the basic cancer treatments. During chemotherapy, the patient is regularly injected with an anticancer drug intravenously with a syringe or dropper. Chemotherapy treats cancer where it is convenient for the patient, but more often in the hospital, as during treatment there may be undesirable consequences, such as vomiting or choking.

Today, cytotoxins are used in oncology for chemotherapy. These are strong chemicals derived from asphyxiation gas - mustard gas. When it enters the body, the drug begins to actively destroy cancer cells or stops their growth, thereby achieving remission. In the treatment of breast and prostate cancer of the ovaries, hormone preparations such as tamoxifen and flutamide are always used additionally. This allows the patient to maintain reproductive function.

Despite the fact that chemotherapy can effectively treat cancer, it has many opponents. The fact is that anticancer drugs are strong toxins that destroy both cancer cells and healthy cells of the body. The dose of medication during treatment is close to fatal, so treatment is accompanied by side effects, such as hair loss, metabolic disorders.

Radiation therapy (radiotherapy)

Radiotherapy is used in every second case of cancer treatment. Treatment consists in irradiating cancer cells with a small dose of ionizing radiation, as a result of which they begin to be destroyed, and the cancer goes into remission. Radiotherapy is used quite often after surgery for cancer in order to get rid of those cells that could not be operated on. Radiation therapy can be external (intraoperative radiation therapy) or internal (brachytherapy), this is influenced by the type of cancer and the stage of the disease. Radiotherapy always takes place in steps, that is, the dose of radiation gradually increases. Also, radiation is always directed to the area most damaged by cancer.Healthy tissues, which are located nearby, are closed with lead blocks.

Radiotherapy, like treatment with chemicals, undoubtedly treats cancer, but at the same time healthy cells are also exposed to strong radiation. If the effects of chemotherapy appear immediately, then the harm from radiation may occur several years later. In addition, internal or external burns remain after radiation therapy sessions. Patients often describe indisposition and weakness after a radiotherapy procedure, but these symptoms quickly disappear.

Cancer treatment by folk methods

In addition to traditional medicine, cancer is treated using traditional methods such as decoctions, compresses, ointments of herbs, plants, etc. In addition, there are recommendations on nutrition. For example, it is recommended to drink a spoonful of linseed oil on an empty stomach in the morning. In the diet should include raw apricot kernels, elderberry and cornel, sea kale. As a procedure, traditional medicine recommends iodine nets, as well as constant cleansing of the body with enemas.

The following prophylactic agents are used to clean the blood and remove toxins:

A decoction of wild rose, black elderberry and hawthorn.The fruits of these plants are mixed by 100 grams in pure water. Sometimes wild pear and apple leaves are added. Boil for 2 hours, then strain. Broth is taken 2-3 times a day after meals.

Broth from young leaves of a birch and blackcurrant. Sometimes mint leaves and raspberries are added to this. On 50 grams of leaves insist in hot water, then filtered. Drink before bedtime.

Remember that cancer is a complex systemic disease that is often fatal. For therapy to be effective, it is necessary to combine methods, as well as constantly consult with your doctor.


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