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How are cats treated?

Surely each of those who have a cat in the house, at least heard that this animal can be useful in the treatment of some diseases. But, as a rule, we don�t go further than this superficial knowledge. Meanwhile, cats actually treat people, just need to know how they do it in order to consciously use it.

Cats - diagnosticians

If your pussy suddenly climbs on your chest or stomach - this is no accident. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to when a cat, for example, begins to massage the abdomen or chest with its paws. This means that the animal feels that the person has something wrong in this place and is trying to help with all his might. Perhaps these are heart problems (if the cat climbs on the chest) or problems with internal organs (if your purr is on your stomach), but more often than not, the cat will not climb there and will not massage this place. If everything is in order, she can simply lie still, but will not twitch. Honestly, you should look at these signals and go through at least some examination, what if?

What cats are treated

Here we will first get acquainted with the concept of "felinotherapy" (from the Latin word "felix", which means "cat, cat"), that is, treatment with cats, with the help of cats.In fact, cats are famous not only for the excellent diagnosis of diseases, but also for their treatment. Cats are excellent healers, only you need to comply with several conditions that must be met by such an ambulance. The cat should be, firstly, benevolent towards the person, so the cruelties will not suit us. Secondly, the animal must be adult and healthy. But such qualities as calmness and balance will only enhance the effect of feline therapy. With regard to cat breeds, their gender and what they cure, then we will talk more about this in the next chapter. Here we add that among cats, as well as among people, there are very talented healers, and there are those who can help quite a bit. Strong healers include, for example, many black cats. This is a fact, and they are explained by a more powerful energy of black cats and cats - so believe after this signs. They must be loved and cherished, not driven!

How cats are treated and what

The question of "how" we have already partially addressed when we talked about how a cat climbs to a sore spot. As for other methods of treatment, you need to consider them in connection with the type of disease from which the cat will treat you. Let's take a little look at the breeds of cats, and what each of them is capable of.Cats with thick hair (sometimes they say - plush) perfectly treat heart disease. Of these breeds can be distinguished primarily British cat. Siamese cats perfectly cope with colds and similar diseases. Other short-haired tails perfectly heal diseases of the kidneys, liver, stomach and other internal organs of the digestive system. On the contrary, long-haired cats (Persians, Angora, Siberian) - excellent neurologists and help with a variety of nervous disorders, especially with stress, depression and insomnia. They also do an excellent job with bone and joint pain. If we talk about the therapeutic properties depending on the gender of the cat doctors, then it is noticed that cats do better with nervous disorders, and cats do with diseases of bones and joints.

Massage and purr

Yes, yes, these two methods will help your pussies save you from many health problems. The cat perfectly feels the sore spot of a person, and, lying down or sitting on it, conducts a treatment session, starting with the front paws to massage the sore spot. At the same time, some cats funnily murmur and release claws, but do not be afraid - they will not hurt you, but for the sake of the therapeutic effect, you can suffer a little.As for the purring of the cat, the scientists found that it is extremely useful for improving the well-being of the person and the cat itself, and also at times accelerates the healing of fractures and wounds. If you listen to cat murmur regularly, then a person will significantly increase immunity to various viruses, improve mood. It also perfectly purrs the treatment of bone diseases, including such severe ones as, for example, osteoporosis.

Interestingly cats treat nervous and mental illnesses. The cat doesn't do anything special. She may just sit on your lap, look at you or lick your hands, but in an amazing way, a person in the presence of a cat calms down and his anxiety disappears. At the same time, even people with quite serious diseases that affect their mental (mental) sphere calm down. In this, cats are very similar to dogs. At least, I can say this as a person who has lived a wonderful dog for a long time, but now it�s good to live with one of the representatives of the cat family.


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