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How is circumstance emphasized?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
September 8, 2014
How is circumstance emphasized?

When parsing, each member of the sentence is underlined by a special line: wavy, dotted, or solid. Let's see how the circumstance is emphasized and how to find it in the sentence.

The circumstance is underlined by a dash-dotted line: (- ∙ - ∙ -). If the circumstance is expressed in whole circulation, then the whole turnover and spaces between words are emphasized.

The circumstance answers the questions: how, where, where, from where, why, how, under what condition? Question to the circumstance is set by the predicate. For example:

  • Unfortunately, the holidays ended quickly (ended as? - quickly). The word "fast" is a circumstance.
  • Leaving the house, check all electrical appliances (check under what condition? - when leaving the house). Turnover "leaving home" is a circumstance.

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