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How do cesarean section?

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How do cesarean section?

Every woman wants to give birth in a natural way, but at the same time each, thinks about how suddenly a cesarean section will be needed. And here there is a lot of questions and fear of such an operation, which can haunt the entire period of pregnancy and affect the health of the child. So, in this article, we will talk about how a cesarean section is done and in what cases it should be done.

Types of cesarean section

Nowadays, many people can watch how a cesarean section is done on TV and most likely for those who have already seen the process, a question arises as to why doctors make different incisions for different women and what the choice of incision depends on. And indeed, there are certain reasons that determine the incision, based on the types of cesarean section.

Emergency C-section

From the name, it is easy to guess that a similar cesarean section is made in emergency situations that have arisen already at birth.


  • Hypoxia, that is, the child lacks oxygen
  • Termination of labor or its slowdown
  • Torn uterus
  • Before the time the placenta exfoliated
  • A vertical incision is made, from the pubis to the navel, in order to quickly pull out a child who is in mortal danger.

Elective caesarean section

Here, a similar operation is scheduled before delivery, for such reasons:

  • Multiple pregnancy
  • If the size of the child is larger than the size of the woman's pelvis
  • If genital herpes has occurred
  • If the placenta at the expense of its location closes the exit paths
  • Complications during pregnancy due to illness
  • Diseases of the kidneys, heart and blood vessels
  • The transverse location of the fetus.
  • Make a horizontal incision

So, why do Cesarean section, you already know, so let's go directly to the process of operation.

Features of the operation

Stages of:

  • Shave pubis.
  • A catheter is inserted into the bladder to make it empty and not to press on the uterus during childbirth.
  • They usually do spinal anesthesia or with other species that anesthetize only the lower part of the body.This anesthesia helps to avoid pain during the operation and gives the opportunity to see the woman's birth of the child. Sometimes, in case of emergency, general anesthesia is necessary.
  • Next, the doctor makes an incision, then spreads the muscles and removes the bladder to the side.
  • Then the doctor makes an incision in the uterus, then opens the fetal bladder.
  • The doctor pulls out the child and cuts the umbilical cord.
  • The incision in the uterus is sutured and the abdominal wall is restored.

Continuing the topic of how Cesarean section passes, we note that this operation takes no more than 40 minutes. In addition, the stitches are removed a week later, after childbirth. At the same time, the whole week the condition of the woman is carefully monitored by the doctors and they give painkillers, as well as various necessary preparations. In addition, this operation is considered the safest, to date, so there is nothing to fear.

Main advantages:

  • Safety for women with a narrow pelvis.
  • Avoiding the omission of the pelvic organs and the occurrence of hemorrhoids.
  • The vagina is not stretched.
  • Avoid deformation of the baby’s head.
  • There are no problems with sex life.


  • The infection can get into the abdominal cavity.
  • Difficulty at the beginning of lactation.
  • The possibility of stress in women and the development of psychosis.
  • If the child is female, then transfer of the vaginal microflora is important here, which will reduce the risk of vulvovaginitis.
  • The possibility of subsequent delivery, only after a certain pause.

Now you know how to make a cesarean section, a video on this topic will not be superfluous. In addition, videos and photos will be able to prepare you for this process and help get rid of the fear of this operation. Do not forget to discuss this issue with the doctor who will take your childbirth. It is absolutely not scary and much easier to tolerate, unlike the natural delivery. Now the seams are made absolutely small and inconspicuous. In addition, the baby himself is easier to be born by caesarean section. We wish you good luck!


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