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How do you spell “good”?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 14, 2013
How do you spell “good”?

There are many nuances in the rules of the Russian language. There are words, over the spelling of which you can always think. For example, how do you spell “good”?

The word “good” is a feminine adjective. His initial form is “good.” The word “good” is always written through two letters “o” at the root and through “e” at the end. As for the two letters "o", the spelling of the first one needs to be remembered, and the second one can be easily checked by picking a single-root word, where "o" is under the stress: "good."

In order to not have any other problems with this word, we offer you its declination in cases.

I.p. - good

Rp - good

DP - good

V. p. - good

Tp - good

Pp - good

As you can see, the ending of the word "good" in many cases is, which is a valid option for many feminine adjectives in Russian. To write "good," meaning this adjective in the feminine, for example: "I do not have a good girl," is not true. “Good” is the singular form of the nominative in the masculine gender.It is necessary to write correctly like this: "I do not have a good girl."

Thus, to write this word correctly should be like this: good.


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