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How have women changed in 2018

Over the last quarter of a century, a lot has changed in women, their appearance, fashion, social attitude to life, interests. Women have become much more independent, and many of them do not now consider the prospect of arranging their lives only through a successful marriage. Modern girls rely more on themselves, their knowledge and skills. Study, career takes most of their consciousness and free time.
Women today have acquired more masculine hobbies. Cooking, embroidery, knitting, sewing interest ladies less and less. They like to do extreme sports. In addition, many modern girls have ceased to hurry to marry or get a roommate. If before women in men valued status first of all, now the partner’s mental abilities come to the first place, the opportunity to talk with him on various interesting topics.
However, the outlook of modern girls (as well as men) is incredibly narrowed.This is indicated by numerous studies of sociologists. The problem is that today most of the people have moved to the Internet, reading books has become much less, less watching useful TV programs, theatrical performances, little contact with each other personally.
Attitudes toward sex in modern women also undergo a change. It has become much easier than before. Now, many girls do not consider abnormal things like sex on the first day of dating or sex for one night. Modern ladies approach intimate relationships more formally and very simply.
The current girl travels a lot on her own car, not relying on men, leads large teams, sometimes even more successfully men, knows how to conduct large-scale presentations, organize large events. But often she does not know how to equip home comfort, cook, clean up the house, the kitchen and in her closets.
The desire to dress effectively, to impose makeup, to look stylish in a modern lady has not disappeared. In this question, the balance always reigned, like a hundred and two hundred years ago.

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