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How herpes is transmitted

Herpes is one of the persistent viruses, which periodically manifests itself throughout the life of its carrier. Allocate simple and herpes zoster. The first has 2 manifestations: as a rash on the lips and as genital herpes (on the genitals). The second is a rash in the intercostal nerve zone.
Transmission of the herpes virus can occur through sexual contact, by airborne droplets, through household items and hygiene. Infection can occur during contact of the child with the birth canal of a woman during labor, transplacentally.
Infection with a simple herpes virus, manifested in the idea of ​​rash on the lips, can occur as early as 3 years. But the virus manifests itself only after a while. Most often, it makes itself felt in puberty. You can transmit a virus through kisses and other contacts with an infected surface.
Infection with the genital herpes virus can occur through sexual contact with an infected person.The carrier of this type of virus is contagious only in the acute stage of the virus, when rashes appear on the genitals. In other periods, sexual contact is not so dangerous. However, unprotected sexual intercourse in itself is a great risk, since even the only such intercourse can become critical.
The herpes zoster virus is a repeated manifestation of a disease such as chickenpox. Chickenpox in childhood almost all get sick. At the same time, the virus that caused the disease remains in the body forever. Herpes zoster is localized in the nerve cells located on the sides of the spinal column. Over time, immunity to chickenpox weakens, which the virus immediately uses, activating again. It manifests itself in this case in the form of painful blisters along the intercostal recesses.
Treatment of herpes should begin with a visit to a specialist who will assess the condition of the applicant, make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary course of treatment. In most cases, it is not complete without prescribing immunostimulating drugs.
It is quite difficult to protect yourself from the herpes virus.Nevertheless, it is possible to minimize the risk of infection by avoiding kissing with a carrier of the virus during the period of exacerbation and touching it. Towel each family member should have their own personal. You should not use the dishes that the patient used, he should have her own. It is very important to avoid accidental unprotected sex. If the infection has already occurred, these measures will help keep the virus in a sleeping state.

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