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How in Varfeys knock out AA-12?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
October 15, 2014
How in Varfeys knock out AA-12?

Shotgun AA-12 - one of the most popular, powerful weapons in Warface. To get him dreaming and trying to crowds of players, and of course they do not leave attempts to knock him free. There are a lot of controversies about this, but still experienced players confirm that there are certain schemes for how to knock out these weapons in the Boxes of Good Luck.

Ways to knock out AA-12 in Varface

1. Cyclic method

We knock out the boxes according to the scheme: 1-5-3-2 and then 5-5-5.

That is, first we buy one box, open it, then five, then three and two. And then three times five boxes. If after this chain of shotgun you did not have, then you need to wait at least one minute and try again. Sooner or later, repeating this cycle, you will get AA-12.

2. The way persistent

Go to the Boxes Good luck after each battle and buy five boxes at once, you need to open them as quickly as possible. With this tactic, the chances of knocking out the most useful and rare items, including AA-12, increase.

3. Runner way

After starting the game, go to the landfill.You need to run there for a few minutes - 4-5 and move the box a little. Then go to the store and buy boxes on the chain of 1-5-3.

4. The way the lark

Among the players Varfeys legend is spread that from 4 to 6 in the morning - the luckiest time to knock out the necessary weapons. And indeed, your chances at these hours increase, since most players have dreams and servers are not overloaded. So feel free to go into the game at this time and try the schemes described above.

5. The way consistent

Experienced players say that AA-12 winnings are influenced by the player’s B255 M4. With this type of weapon, the chances of knocking out AA-12 increase. Therefore, we first look for ways to acquire M4, and then go to mine AA-12.


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