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How long does hair grow?

Natalya Taraskina
Natalya Taraskina
April 10, 2013
How long does hair grow?

Beauty, of course, is a relative concept. But the fact that it is an integral part of our existence is a fact. One of the components of human beauty is hair. Let's not say that bald men are a horror, of course not. They have a certain charm and appeal. Today we will talk about the beauty of women's hair.

Hair growth: how it happens

As a result of cell division of the hair follicle (subcutaneous part of the hair), which is surrounded by a hair follicle sack, hair growth occurs. This process happens all the time. Hair covers almost the entire body of a person. Where there are no hair follicles (and these are lips, palms, soles, nipples), the hair does not grow. On the rest of the body, hair is different in thickness and length. So, long hair can grow on the head, chin, cheeks and armpits.

How long hair grows: phases

Hair growth has several phases:

  • The active phase lasts 2-4 years.
  • The intermediate phase is only two weeks.
  • The last phase is the complete cessation of hair growth, lasts from 3 to 4 months.

Since these phases have a different time period, we do not feel everyday hair loss. It is 50-100 units, each can have its own characteristics.

How many cm of hair grow daily

If there are no disturbances in the body, then the average hair grows by 0.3-0.5 mm per day. Moreover, during the day the growth process is faster than at night. The difference in hair growth also depends on the season. In summer, you will feel their length faster than in winter. And in the fall you will see the difference in volume. Since the amount of hair falling out increases at this time. How much hair grow per year? It is not difficult to count, if a month is about 2 cm, then in a year you can grow 20 cm. Again, if you and your hair are healthy.


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