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How many bears live?

Leonid Veselov
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How many bears live?

Bears have an average life expectancy in the animal world. How many years the bear lives is affected by the usual "everyday" living conditions. In captivity, bears tend to live much longer than in natural conditions. The average life expectancy of a particular species is affected, in some cases, by a high mortality rate among the young. Different types of bears have different lifespans. Let's see how many bears live.

The brown bear lives on average 20-30 years. In captivity live to 50 years.

Black Bear, Baribal lives 10 years in nature. In captivity live to 30 years.

The polar bear, polar in nature lives 25-30 years. He feels worse in captivity than he is in freedom, but there is a known case when a polar bear lived to 45 years in captivity.


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