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How many foxes live?

December 19, 2014
How many foxes live?

Beautiful red-headed animals with crafty squinting - all familiar foxes - live a different amount of time, depending on the environment in which they live.

Let us consider in more detail how many years a fox has lived and on what the duration of its life depends.

Fox in the wild

Foxes in the wild usually live no more than seven years, the average life expectancy is about three to five years. This is due to the harsh living conditions: the fox needs to spend energy on finding food, protecting the young and themselves from danger, etc. The fox in the wild is almost always under pressure: you need to be careful and dexterous to catch prey, and quick and strong to get away from the enemies. Harsh wildlife conditions also affect fox life expectancy.

Fox at home

Foxes in captivity live much longer - about 20 years. This is due, of course, to the fact that the fox does not waste energy on the search for food, protection from enemies. Domestic foxes live in peace, they are fed with suitable and good food, in case of illness the veterinarian will help the beast to get better quickly.

Fox ordinary: interesting facts

  • For the life of a fox, it digs a hole of a suitable size for itself or occupies someone else's - for example, a hole of a fox, marmot, badger. It is not uncommon for a fox to cohabit with a burrow master, but everyone lives in their own relationship.
  • Foxes, like wolves, are monogamous animals, choose one partner for themselves and give birth to offspring once a year. Foxes make good parents.
  • Best of all, the sense of smell and hearing are developed in the fox, the colors it distinguishes poorly.
  • The sly fox was nicknamed because of its excessive caution and the ability to knock off the chase, since the foxes are able to quickly and deftly hidden away.

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