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How many people can you register?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
November 11, 2014
How many people can you register?

Registration at the place of residence is a very important moment in the life of every person. Without a residence permit, not to get an education, not to get a job, you can lose many rights and benefits. Everyone in the passport has information indicating the registration address. It does not matter if it corresponds to the actual place of residence, the main thing is that the mark should be. Sometimes a lot of people are already registered in the apartment, but someone else from relatives asks to provide such a service. Then the question arises about how many people can be registered without breaking the law?

Features of registration in privatized housing

To answer this question you need to refer to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. It states that the number of persons registered in an apartment or private house will, first of all, depend on the ownership of housing. If the apartment is privatized, then with the consent of the owner an unlimited number of people can register in it.In addition to the consent of the owner will require the approval of other persons registered in square meters. If you want to register a minor child, the consent of the other residents of the house or apartment is not required.

Deputies of the State Duma tried to create restrictions in the legislation on registration in the privatized building, but so far there is no such law. Unscrupulous citizens take advantage of this, registering thousands of people for a certain amount of money in their square meters and making good profits. Therefore, the adoption of restrictions is planned soon.

Registration in municipal and departmental housing

The situation is quite different with municipal housing. In this apartment will not work to register an unlimited number of people. For each person there is a norm - 10 square meters, it is forbidden to exceed it. An exception can be made for minor children, defining a smaller area for them. When registering, the consent of the residents of a private house or apartment is required.

There are features of obtaining registration in departmental housing.Such premises are usually issued by certain organizations, for example, a military unit. If you want to register a new member, then you need to ask permission from the owner and get it in writing, otherwise the registration is impossible.

From this it follows that it is beneficial to have a privatized apartment. There will always be a place in it for a distant or close relative who can, with the general consent, obtain the desired registration. Together with her, great prospects will open up for him, connected with the device for decent work.


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