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How many people in the world?

September 10, 2012
How many people in the world?

Not so long ago, the media asserted to us that the population of the entire planet is 6 billion people. Is it now? How many people in the world can you count at the moment?

How many people on the planet

Population growth is constantly increasing, by November 1, 2011 the number of people living on planet Earth was 7 billion. So far this is the most accurate answer to the question of how many people are in the whole world. The number of people is constantly increasing, and therefore 7 billion is only an approximate number.

How has the number of people on our planet changed? At the beginning of the new era, there were 300 million people; by the end of 1000 AD 400 million more people; by 1500 - 500 million; in 1800, the population of the planet increased to 980 million; in 1900 there were 1.6 billion people; in 1960 - already 3 billion; in 1993 - 5.6 billion people; 2003 was the year of 6.3 billion people; and 2006 - 6.5 billion. How many people are in the world now, you already know, but by 2050 a jump to 9.5 billion people is expected.

Despite the large numbers in recent years, before the population of the planet grew faster, now the growth rate has declined.2009 was the first year in the history of mankind, when the urban population became equal to the rural population, in which the migration from villages to cities undoubtedly played an important role. In the future, an increase in the number of urban population and a decrease in the rural is expected. Record holders in terms of population are China, India and the United States. Russia ranks only ninth, and the country's population growth is negative.

How many more people will be able to accommodate the planet Earth? According to some of the theories, the Earth will be able to accommodate up to 60 million billion people. But it should be borne in mind that the Earth has renewable and irreplaceable resources. Consequently, a large population of the planet must in time support renewable resources and save irreplaceable ones. Only then will it be possible to live in harmony with the planet.

What affects population growth?

And how does the number of people born and dead across the planet vary? How many people die in the world, and how many are born?

Here are some statistics:

  1. Every day, 365 thousand new people are born on the planet. Of these, 57% are children of Asia, 26% are from Africa; 9% - from Latin America; 5% from Europe; 3% from North America and 1% from Oceania and Australia.
  2. According to one statistics, about 59 million people die every year, about 2 people every second. More than 160 thousand people lose their lives every day. Of these, people die because of war (every 102 seconds); kill someone (every 61 seconds); someone loses life because of suicide (every 39 seconds); someone dies in a car accident (every 26 seconds); someone dies of hunger (every 3 seconds); small children under 5 years old die (every 3 seconds).

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