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How many times in football?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
December 26, 2012
How many times in football?

Many people who are far from sports in general and from the game of millions in particular are interested in the question of how many times in football. A standard football game consists of two halves of 45 minutes each. It is in this format that all official tournaments under the auspices of UEFA and FIFA are held. Sometimes in certain championships, short time periods of 30 or even 25 minutes are played. As a rule, such adjustments are inherent only in junior or women's tournaments. The break between the halves in any case is 15 minutes.

Continuing the conversation about how much time lasts in football, one can not say about the existence of additional time periods. In the official tournaments on the cup system in the case of equality of teams, two additional periods of 15 minutes each are appointed. If they do not help to determine the winner, the arbitrator shall appoint a penalty shootout. Each team is allowed to make five hits. If the penalty is equal, each of the teams makes another strike.Additional penalties make their way until a rival responds to a goal from one team. This is what concerns official tournaments. By the way, in some unofficial championships, the rules do not imply additional time, therefore, after a draw time, a penalty kick is immediately made.

We note that in the near future, there was a “golden” goal in official UEFA and FIFA tournaments. Its essence was that in extra time the match was stopped immediately, as soon as one of the teams came forward. Later this rule was recognized as unfair, since the opponent was deprived of the chance to level the score. As a result, the rule of the "golden" goal was canceled.


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