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How much alcohol disappears from the body

Traditionally taken to drink alcohol on holidays. But if the next day you have to get behind the wheel or an important event is planned, you need to be completely sober. In this case, the question arises: after how much alcohol disappears from the body? To answer it is definitely quite difficult, since various factors affect the elimination of ethanol from human blood.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

Table of weathering alcohol from the body

These tables allow you to determine for how much alcohol is weathered from the body, depending on the strength of the drink and the weight of the person. However, these are not the only factors affecting the rate of ethanol removal from the blood. However, these tables indicate that the greater the body weight of a person, the faster alcohol disappears from the body.

Estimated time the elimination of alcohol from the human body
Body weight, kg 60 70 80 90 100
Beer (4%) 35 min. 30 min. 26 min 23 min 21 min
Beer (6%) 52 min. 45 min. 39 min. 35 min. 31 min
Gin and tonic (7%) 1 h. 18 min. 1h 07 min 59 min 52 min. 47 min.
Champagne, wine (11%) 1 h. 36 min. 1 h. 22 min. 1 h. 12 min. 1 h 04 min 57 min.
Port wine (18%) 2 h. 37 min. 2 h. 14 min. 1 h. 57 min. 1 h. 44 min. 1 h 34 min.
Tincture (24%) 3 hours 29 minutes 2 h. 59 min. 2 h. 37 min. 2 h. 19 min. 2 h. 05 min.
Liquor (30%) 4 h. 21 min. 3 h. 44 min. 3 h. 16 min. 2 h. 54 min. 2 h. 37 min.
Vodka (40%) 5 h. 48 min. 4 h. 58 min. 4 h. 21 min. 3 h. 52 min. 3 hours 29 minutes
Cognac (42%) 6 h. 05 min. 5 h. 13 min. 4 hours 34 minutes 4 hours 04 minutes 3 hours 39 minutes

It is important to note that these tables are based on 100 g of alcoholic beverage. If more alcohol is drunk, respectively, the time it weathers out of the body will increase.

Factors affecting the time of removal of alcohol from the blood

Through how much alcohol is weathered from the body? The elimination time depends on the concentration of alcohol in the blood. This indicator is measured in ppm, the calculation is based on the ratio of 1 g of ethanol per 1 liter of fluid in the body.

On a note! Since men have 70% of water, and women have 60%, the time for elimination of alcohol from the body of women is longer.

Also, the rate of weathering of alcohol depends on the work of the liver, since it is she who is responsible for the splitting of alcohol. It should be noted that this is a fairly long process.Even in the case of proper functioning of the liver, alcohol splits for a relatively long time, not to mention the speed of splitting in the event of problems with this organ.

For reference! About an hour in the male body processes about 0.15 ppm. As for women, they have a given index of 0.1 ppm.

Thus, the main factors affecting the time of removal of alcohol from the blood are the following:

  • The amount of alcohol drunk - the more alcohol is drunk, the longer it will be removed from the body.
  • The alcohol content in the drink - a strong alcoholic drink needs a small amount to get drunk.
  • Physical data of a person consumed by alcohol - the greater the body weight, the faster the alcohol leaves the body.
  • The amount of food eaten during the feast, as well as its caloric content - fatty food contributes to a slower absorption of alcohol.
  • Age - the body of children and adolescents more susceptible to alcohol.
  • Frequency of alcohol use - if alcohol remains in the blood, at the next drinking of beverages, ethanol is absorbed more quickly and is eliminated more slowly.

How much alcohol is completely eliminated from the body?

How much alcohol is completely eliminated from the human body? Each type of alcoholic beverage has a different alcohol content, therefore it has a certain time of elimination, which became clear even when considering the table.


Beer is in high demand, especially among young people. Some even use it as a means to quench their thirst, not counting alcohol. Despite this, it contains alcohol, so drinking beer leads to intoxication.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

Since there are gas bubbles in beer, the alcohol contained in it absorbs faster. After how much he disappears from the body? Depending on the weight of a person, it takes 20–35 minutes to remove 100 g of beer. If you drink a standard bottle of drink with a capacity of 500 liters, the alcohol disappears from the body in 1,5−3 hours.

Gin and tonic

Gin and tonic is another low-alcohol beverage, which contains about 7% alcohol. Despite this, it takes almost an hour to remove 100 g of alcohol from a human body with a large weight. As for people weighing about 60 kg, gin and tonic will be fully released only after 1 hour and 18 minutes. How much does this alcohol disappear from their body, if you drink it 500 g? This will take 4-6.5 hours.

How much alcohol disappears from the body


When champagne gets into the digestive organs, it actively begins to be absorbed into the blood. Accelerates this process the presence of gas bubbles.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

For many people, a glass of champagne is considered the norm, by which they allow themselves to get behind the wheel without worrying about the consequences. In fact, this is not entirely correct, since a person with a weight of about 60 kg is able to feel intoxicated, even after 100 g of sparkling drink, and it will take more than an hour and a half to erode alcohol. A 500 g of champagne completely disappears from the body in 8 hours.


Wine is an alcoholic drink, but despite this, it is also useful for the human body, if used within the normal range. There are several varieties of wine: red and white, dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet. The rate of elimination of this alcohol from the body in each species is about the same, but dry wine disappears a little faster.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

Thus, 100 grams of wine can come out without residue in half an hour in a person with an average physique, while taking into account the dense reception of food.

Port wine

In port wine, the alcohol content is close to 18%.It is believed that this is an alcoholic drink of medium strength. When used, 100 g of port wine from the body of a complete person, it disappears only after an hour and a half, and the removal of 500 g of drink takes almost 8 hours. For how much half a liter of port will disappear from a thin person's body? The elimination time is 13 hours or more, as can be seen in the table.

How much alcohol disappears from the body


Liquor is a sweet alcoholic drink that contains about 30% alcohol. A small amount of this drink is enough to quickly become intoxicated.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

To remove 100 g of liquor from the human body weighing 100 kg, it takes 2 hours 37 minutes. In people with a body weight of 60 kg, this indicator is almost twice as large. If you take 500 g of liquor, it will completely erode in 13-22 hours, depending on the weight.


Vodka is often used during the feast, quickly and for a long time gives the "effect of intoxication." However, it is long removed from the blood. On average, 100 g of vodka is completely eroded in 3-4 hours, and 500 g is excreted only after 24 hours.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

If you plan a serious feast, you need to take care not to get behind the wheel for at least one and a half days after the celebration.


Cognac - a drink that men prefer to drink. Like vodka, it quickly leads to intoxication and leaves behind unpleasant consequences if consumed more than the norm. From the body of a thin person 100 g of brandy completely disappears only after 6 hours, and 500 g of the drink leaves the blood without any residue only after 30 hours.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

On a note! It is forbidden to sit behind the wheel even after one glass of cognac, since even this amount of drink affects vision and coordination.


Whiskey is a strong alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of 40–60%. The human body is hard enough to rule with such an amount of ethanol, so it is displayed in a long time.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

A man of average build can completely get rid of whiskey in about a day, but a lot depends on the amount of alcohol consumed.


Tequila contains 35−55% alcohol, so it can also be attributed to strong alcoholic beverages. The average time of removal of 100 g for a person weighing 100 kg is more than 3 hours. If you take 500 g of tequila, to completely get rid of it a person will need almost a day. For people of thin build, a complete withdrawal of the drink takes more than 6 and one and a half days, respectively.

How much alcohol disappears from the body

If you need to get behind the wheel after a recent feast, the driver is important to know how much alcohol is completely eroded from the body. To do this, you can follow the data table.


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