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How much does the temperature hold on SARS?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
January 8, 2013
How much does the temperature hold on SARS?

ARVI is a viral disease. Its feature is the presence of cough, runny nose, red throat and temperature. Increased temperature in acute respiratory viral infections is the protection of the body against the pathogenic viruses attacking it. With its help, leukocytes are activated in the blood and the active fight against viruses in the body begins. Many are interested in how much the temperature stays with SARS, as its prolonged increase may be a signal to a more serious disease. If you know how many days the temperature of SARS is normal, you will have less reason to worry and drink pounds of unnecessary medication.

Temperature increase

Normally, with SARS, the temperature rise should not last more than 2-3 days, the permissible limit is 5. This time should be more than enough for the body to produce antibodies and defeat the virus. If the temperature has not passed after the required time has passed, then you have a more complicated form of the disease.It may be pneumonia or bronchitis. Such diseases are bacterial, so it is more difficult to fight them. After 5 days no longer do without the help of a doctor. Bacterial infections can only be treated with antibiotics. All due to the fact that the body alone is unable to cope with pathogens.

To bring down the temperature you need only in the case when it exceeds 38.5 ° C and it is difficult for you to tolerate it. Artificially lowering the temperature, we do not allow the body to fight infection. As a result, you can even get the complications of the disease.

Do not go to extremes and tolerate too high a temperature. Its change above 39 ° C (especially 40 and above) leads to damage to the central nervous system as a result of the breakdown of proteins. You can not tolerate such a temperature. It is imperative to take action - drink an antipyretic agent and call a doctor. After taking the medication do not expect that the body temperature drops to normal, this should not be. You just need to bring it to a normal level, which will be more or less comfortable. Learn more about what to bring down the temperature in an adult, you can from the article "How to bring down the temperature in an adult?".

To deal with the temperature of the child is much more difficult and dangerous.She can climb almost instantly. Therefore, do not hesitate and call the pediatrician. In the absence of qualified medical care, you can lower the temperature yourself at home. How to do it correctly and what means to use for the child’s body, you will learn here: “How can the child’s temperature be brought down?”.

From the article we can draw conclusions about how much the temperature is kept when there is ARVI. The amount of time must be at least two and not more than five days. At the expiration of the maximum period begin to appear complications.


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