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How not to eat?

Today, many slimming people suffer from the problem of overeating, which can easily be explained by a rich variety of products. However, most of the products that can be seen on the shelves of stores, can not be called useful and natural food. Despite the huge number of strict diets, only healthy food and sports will be able to help those who want to learn to eat less. In our article you will find useful tips on how not to eat everything and get rid of excess weight.

Preparing for weight loss

A sharp restriction in food can lead to serious stress for the body. Below are a few basic steps in preparing the body for food restriction.

  1. First you need to analyze what you eat at the moment. Make a list of foods that should be present in the diet, as well as a list of food that is contraindicated in the process of losing weight.
  2. To eat less, you need to revise your eating habits. Try using small dishes. On a psychological level, this will help to feel satiety on time.Psychologists recommend choosing dishes of green and blue shades that help calm the nervous system.
  3. During the meal you should not be distracted by external stimuli: watch TV or read a book. Eat only in designated eating areas, regardless of whether you are at home or at work.

A few more principles of proper nutrition, which will help limit the amount of food consumed, can be found in our article - How not to eat a lot.

An example of proper diet

Below is an example of a healthy, healthy diet that has passed clinical studies and is approved by doctors.


1 poached or hard boiled egg, wholemeal bun, a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk 0.5% fat.


Wholemeal spaghetti, 70 g zucchini or pumpkin, 100 g red bell pepper, 100 g mushrooms, a teaspoon of olive oil, a banana.


Baked beef (50 g), mashed potatoes without milk and butter, 70 g of vegetable mix (corn, beans, beans, carrots, peas), 50 g of red cabbage, 50 g of cabbage, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, a little raisins, one medium an Apple.


As snacks fit fruit, bread and nonfat milk.

How to eat less: simple tips

Drink water

To force yourself not to eat, you should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of pure non-carbonated water during the day. It is important to drink it properly. To reduce your appetite, drink two glasses of water half an hour before meals. At the same time during the meal you can not drink. After an hour and a half after the meal, you can drink a cup of coffee or tea.

Eat less and more

Eat often, but in small portions. At the same time for breakfast, lunch and dinner should not eat sweet, flour, fried and fast food. Proper diet should include steamed fish, lean meat, cereal and low-fat dairy products, as well as vegetables and fruits. Sweets can be replaced by dried fruit and honey.

Use aromatherapy

If you have a strong desire to eat, you can try using aromatherapy. Citrus smells help reduce appetite. If there is no aromatic oil on hand, just smell the orange or grapefruit crust.

Concentration on food

During the meal should fully concentrate on the meal. With love, approach the preparation and setting of the table. As noted above, external stimuli distract the brain, because of which the feeling of saturation may come too late when you are already eating.

Elimination of psychological factors

Get rid of psychological provocations. If your family members prefer their usual diet and there are unhealthy, fatty and sweet foods in the house, keep them away from your eyes, making a special place in the refrigerator and shelves for such food. Healthy dairy products, as well as fruits and vegetables should always show off in a prominent place.

Keeping a diary

Record your achievements in a specially created for this purpose diary. In addition to the foods eaten per day and the liquids consumed, note the indicators of the weight and volume of your body, as well as indicate your physical and mental state. This will help a disciplined and more responsible approach to the process of losing weight.


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