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How to apply glue to wallpaper

You will need
  • - brush or foam roller (preferably both);
  • - a rag;
  • - foam sponge.
Study all the inscriptions on the package and instructions on how to prepare the glue. From its consistency depends on the strength and durability of the finish. When diluting the composition, it is necessary to monitor the water temperature, take into account the duration of swelling, the rate of thickening. In some cases, it is necessary to stock up on a special sieve or regular gauze. The glue passed through the small cells will have a uniform consistency;wallpapereven layer.
Make room for wallpaper on the floor or on the surface of the table, where the inner surface can be treated with glue and left to sit for a while.
For a more effective impact, the roller and the brush should be abundantly moistened, then the glue will spread faster and easier through the bristles and soak the foam.
Walls underwallpapermust be specially prepared: the remnants of the old finish are removed, and the surface is primed with a thin layer of glue.Make sure that the walls and wallpapers are processed using different rollers and brushes, otherwise dirt and dust particles may stain the front side of the wallpaper.
Spread the cut sheets of wallpaper on the surface, having previously placed a protective layer of paper under them. Especially carefully you need to handle white and light-colored wallpaper. Also make sure that the paper, for example, newspapers do not "fade" in contact with glue. If the glue hits the front side of the wallpaper, it should be removed by carefully wetting it with a sponge.
On unfoldedwallpaperApply a certain amount of glue in the center: for a thin material wallpaper, the layer will be thin, thickwallpaperwill absorb a larger amount of composition. Spread the glue roller from the center to the opposite edge over the entire length, and then go to the near side. Walk again around the edges. Thinwallpaperyou can already stick. In the case of thick wallpapers, wrap the edges towards each other so that they fit together approximately in the middle of the sheet. Leave them for impregnation in this position for 5-15 minutes depending on the quality of the material and the recommendations of the manufacturer. After this timewallpaperready for sticking to the wall.

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